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Forbes Billionaires - Where are all the Bankers?So take a look at the Forbes list of the world's richest billionaires. Where are all the investment bankers? You might think at least one might crack the top 10? The top 20? 30? Anybody there? In this light, the effort/reward ratio for banking seems low. Bankers seem almost union/blue-... 21 8 years 1 month
Alvarez and Marsal: opportunities in...I was checking these guys out. Seems like the attractive opportunities might be in Restructuring/Turnaround, Real Estate, and corporate finance (which sounds like vanilla M... 10 11 months 2 weeks
Rejected - Appropriate to Follow Up Anyway?...Tell me what you think of this. I interviewed with a firm for full time associate. I did 3 or 4 informationals, a corporate presentation, a cocktail hour. Had great discussions, and was invited to the first round interviews. Had a good first round, got a call from HR saying thanks, but we... 3 8 years 6 months
WallStreet Prep Course -- Just The Facts PleaseOK, there are a million posts and threads with opinions on this topic -- I'd like to use this one to get real. Please respond if you have ACTUAL EXPERIENCE in one of the following fact patterns: -No modelling experience -Took the WallStreetPrep self-study course -Interviewers noticed and... 2 8 years 9 months
But why did they hire YOU?Was talking to an associate, who currently works at CS, IBD. The person who hired her told her it was because she was "really upbeat, and sounded like she wanted the job." I was stunned - that's it? She said, that's it. So I want to know - what is it that really makes them pull the trigger... 8 8 years 10 months


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Got 6.0 I used Princeton Review's "Verbal Workout...Got 6.0 I used Princeton Review's "Verbal Workout" for the GMAT and did about 6 or 7 timed practice essays. That's it. 63 1 year 3 months
What were the other scores? If you take it again...What were the other scores? If you take it again, make sure you have a strategy to improve the essay. Princeton Review's "Verbal Workout" is the best resource. Master the exercises and you can get a 6, then you won't need to worry. 63 1 year 3 months
She sounds almost exactly like Miss Teen South...She sounds almost exactly like Miss Teen South Carolina. I'm surprised she didn't mention "the Iraq" or "such as." For the VP debate, Joe Biden just has to give vanilla answers, and stand back and watch Palin destroy herself. The problem is, Biden can't help himself, he'll try to be creative,... 18 7 years 7 months
here's a quote that I found really strange's a quote that I found really strange in that article: [quote]The fate of both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will be front and center Monday morning, as the Street wakes up to a world where the independent broker-dealer are increasingly thin in number. This tumultuous year has made it... 17 7 years 7 months
mwgr5: DealBook has a copy of a letter sent...[quote=mwgr5]DealBook has a copy of a letter sent from an unnamed LEH exec to his employees.[/quote] This makes no sense. Dealbook says he's "departing" - does that mean leaving... 16 7 years 7 months
These online sources had some blurbs throughout...These online sources had some blurbs throughout the afternoon. Not lots of details. But there's nothing on TV - not on Sunday. There's nothing to say on live TV anyway. They'd just be trying to fill up gobs of time with commentary, talking heads, and recaps, while waiting for scraps of... 8 7 years 7 months
Alphaholic: I think the niche dealer model...[quote=Alphaholic]I think the niche dealer model might become more popular. A lot of bankers (perhaps with some obvious bias) believe that the big banks no longer have much to offer. It's not as necessary that a bank be a one stop shop now. Ideally clients can choose the best financing house and... 16 7 years 7 months
CIBC was famous for star analyst Meredith Whitney...CIBC was famous for star analyst Meredith Whitney, who covers the big financials - most Wall Streeters should have been aware of CIBC for that reason alone - much of their net worth is tied up in the well being of big financial firms, if not their stock. Of course, after Oppenheimer bought the... 10 7 years 8 months
As a lecturer, great. Good speaker, with obvious...As a lecturer, great. Good speaker, with obvious passion for what he does. One big advantage is that he talks to Wall Street all the time, so he knows what's on people's minds. As a listener, you get to be an insider on those discussions, which can be lively debates. Structure of classes,... 5 7 years 9 months
You gotta have some kind of monkey theme - that's...You gotta have some kind of monkey theme - that's the whole tradition, and it's an important part of the brand. The banana points, the chimp/baboon/gorilla rankings. People remember this as THE monkey site. It's got to have an irreverent side too. If people are worried about monkey graphics... 31 7 years 9 months
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