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Obama, markets, and republican whinersSince Obama took over 4 yrs ago, it just been just a wonderful time to invest. The s... 2 years 5 months
Required Reading..There's been a lot on this board about the credit... 7 years 2 months
Don't miss this workshop..learn from the masters!! what nerve.. (props to dealbreaker) 7 years 2 months
Playtex takeoverFrom Playtex Products (NYSE: PYX) is having an especially heavy flow day, up almost 16% to a new 52-week high after Energizer announced it would acquire the company for $1.2 billion. Energizer has looked to stop the bleeding from its core products with a regular cycle of... 7 years 11 months


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How can I prepare my Series 7 testOnce you're ready to sell, get the 7. You got the prospects comin' in; you think they came in to get out of the rain? Guy doesn't walk on the lot unless he wants to buy. Sitting out there waiting to give you their money! Are you gonna take it? 1 month 3 days
How can I prepare my Series 7 testI think it's a bad move. You do NOT want this to happen to you, you can miss out on MILLIONS. When you start your career at a major firm like JT Marlin, you'll be sat down in a room with a bunch of other trainees. The firm's head recruiter will ask "has anyone here passed a Series Seven exam?"... 1 month 3 days
Why I Bought A HouseA mortgage is forced savings. That's why "rich" people mostly own real estate. The savings part makes them "rich," not the real estate/investment part. Has nothing to do with how good of an investment it is. My issue is that, all else being equal, a house/mortgage is not the ideal investment... 3 months 6 hours
Why I Bought A HouseI'm sorry - but the argument about where rates were historically has zero bearing on where they will be. This is downright dangerous thinking. Look at Japan among many other arguments against this logic. Interest rates are not inherently mean reverting. This argument implies a huge... 3 months 1 week
Why I Bought A HouseMan, people have short memories. Leverage, and that's all this is, cuts both ways. Not saying buying a house is a bad decision - it actually is probably good for most ppl most of he same. BUT it's not unrealistic that you buy a house, we hit a recession, you lose your job, and you have to sell... 3 months 1 week
Obama, markets, and republican whinersIt begins. The script is so obvious. Wait for the Fed to tell you when to buy ("recent market and global economic weakness necessitates the continuation of extraordinary measures for a longer period than anticipated in prior meetings" blah blah blah) then load up the boat one more time. 8 months 3 weeks
Obama, markets, and republican whinersSince no one likes to be accountable for sounding off on WSO, just want to comment that stocks have basically gone in a straight line up since this thread, S+P up 38% on a total return basis. I also sold nearly all my equities today - how's that for a call. Republicans coming to power in the... 10 months 2 weeks
HF quant vs BB sales traderObjection your honor, leading the witness... 11 months 1 week
Aristeia CapitalCheck your PM 1 year 1 week
Quit my Finance Job, Learned to Code, Releasing...Ok, so I have some questions based on my (albeit limited) understanding of risk parity: 1) isn't risk parity an inherently levered strategy (ie leveraging the fixed income piece to bring up the risk weighting?). If you use go unlevered, you'll drastically cap your equity exposure, tough to... 1 year 1 month