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How common to leave after 1st year?Just curious - for those who are working or have been working at BBs - how common is it to see an analyst leave after their first year, whether its to PE/HF or something totally different? Just trying to see if its like 10% of a class or higher likr 30%. Thanks in advance PS - I realize... 6 years 2 months
Meeting people in this cityHey guys, I just started at a boutique in NYC, and while I'm from the area, I went to school in the midwest, where none of my friends came to NYC, and really only know a handful of people. I'm all about meeting new people, and have heard about people volunteering or joining local groups to... 6 years 6 months
Signing NYC AptI´m sure some of you new 1st years are in the process or have already signed an apartment in NYC. Can someone who has done this list all the paperwork you need? Thanks in advance 6 years 8 months
Peter Cooper Village/Stuy TownAnybody live in either of these places? As I begin my search with my roommate, these places have come down in price quite a bit ($2600 for 1bd convert), but are still pretty spacious compared to the Murray Hill/Chelsea places we have been looking at. Obviously downside is that its a bit removed,... 6 years 8 months
NYC Building RecommendationsHey all, I know there are a few people working in finance in NYC on this board....looking for some building or management company recommendations. I have only really heard about Rockrose, and a few others, but was also looking for some nice buildings that would allow you to walk in and sign... 6 years 9 months
Volunteering - NYCI'm a soon to be first year analyst in NYC at a fairly well known shop. I'm pretty excited to start in July, but one of the things I was wondering if any analysts or junior bankers here have had time to put in volunteer work, even if its just an hour or two a week. I've done volunteer work... 6 years 10 months
Wharton Resume BookSorry to start another thread like this, but I was trying to find that Wharton resume book thats been floating around, and also seeing if anyone has any other top b-school resume books that they'd be willing to share. trying to get good examples of a banking resume. Please let me know and I can... 5 years 8 months
Meeting Contacts at Another BankSo I'm a SA at a bank in NYC, and just wrapped up my first week of being with my group. While I like my bank and whatnot, I would like to keep in touch with some of my contacts at other banks, and to keep my options open for FT recruiting. Is it appropriate to ask an analyst at another bank to... 7 years 7 months
contact for a fakeSo I'm starting as a SA in NYC in a few weeks, and I just got back from group placement. Since I'm young and won't be 21 till the fall, I'm wondering if anyone has any contacts for a fake (ie not those online scams). I spent a few hours running around NYU looking (tatoo parlors, going to places my... 7 years 10 months
Private PlacementsSimilar to the co-managing thread, can some guys in banking talk a bit about private placements? What exactly do you learn as an analyst, and if you were to work in a private placement group, what type of exit options would you have? Thanks in advance 7 years 10 months


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Thanks guys. CPH - You are kind of thinking along...Thanks guys. CPH - You are kind of thinking along the lines of what I was thinking. I would say I would be much more interested in a VC role, or at least in a growth equity arm of a PE shop. This current startup has two investors, both of each are one of the two i just listed (one is huge PE... 5 years 5 months
Hah those memories will last a life those memories will last a life will oddly enough miss/be glad for that experience when you get out. Buck up and hang in there bro. 5 years 6 months
- edit- edit 5 years 10 months
TheKing: dagro: people, you forget the title of...[quote=TheKing][quote=dagro]people, you forget the title of this post. life plans. is your plan to work for your entire lives? sure, i understand being passionate about something that you want to do it forever, but just to give you an example - my plan is to land that dream job (or a near-enough... 6 years 1 month
Someone said it once in another thread - can't...Someone said it once in another thread - can't remember who it was but it hit home for me (esp now that I'm FT in banking). Just don't wake up in 15+ years, realizing you spent most of your life preparing for something you should have done. If all you wanted were those houses in Greenwich... 6 years 1 month
Live below 14th street if you can, doesnt matter...Live below 14th street if you can, doesnt matter if west or east side, just find something relatively cheap your first year, assuming you're working banking hours. You will be able to go out, but I would just save a bit on rent since you will be working so much more. I live in Tribeca in a 1BR... 6 years 1 month
bumpbump 6 years 2 months
Thanks for the info - yea I figure it's more...Thanks for the info - yea I figure it's more group related. My firm is significantly smaller, so the numbers don't really help. Thanks 6 years 2 months
It's pretty easy to burnout if you're not that...It's pretty easy to burnout if you're not that driven by money or don't really like the work. I think most analysts and associates feel pretty overwhelmed in banking, which contributes to a good experience (assuming you're getting good deal experience), but also puts a lot of stress on you at a... 6 years 2 months
I think it boils down to the hours/similar pay....I think it boils down to the hours/similar pay. You think people would be jumping ship if you were working banking hours? I used to be interested in the normal PE path, but since having started banking, I realized PE is not that different, or terribly interesting to me. Who knows 6 years 2 months
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