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I'm having lunch with my future employer,...Hello, I'm a recent grad who'll be joining an IM firm. My boss wants me to have lunch with my future team before I start in July. Any advice on how to impress them or keep a good conversation flowing? Thanks. 3 7 years 9 months
Will Citigroup's new layoff news affect the...There was an article in the journal today that Citigroup's going to lay off a lot of people due to current credit/mortgage woes. Do you think this will affect the incoming full time analyst graduating in 2008?? 16 8 years 5 months
Middle office to front office?Any comments? 9 8 years 7 months
Does overtime pay matter???I was told that don't accept an offer if the firm doesn't have overtime. Would you sign on with the company even though they don't have overtime? Thanks. 2 8 years 7 months
Why do they fingerprint you in a S&T/...Hello, I just got an offer for a boutique investment bank for an internship but I will be in their S&T team. They said I need my fingerprint to be inked because I'll be in their S&T team, any idea why? Thanks. 2 8 years 7 months
I want to start trading on my own but I don'...Hi, I'm a college student, senior, and would like to start trading now. What do you recommend?? I really don't have any money saved but I want to start trading. E.g., scott trade has $7/trade, is that considered cheap?? Please help me!!! 18 8 years 8 months
how do i get into S&T if I work for a...I am currently in RMBS group in my firm and i've been wanting to get into S&T for two years now (from non-target and a rising senior). any idea on how i break it in? Thanks. 8 years 9 months
Do you read the Wall Street Journal? Should I?I used to read the journal but then i stopped. Can someone please respond if WSJ is worth reading? What do you read and do you think I should subscribe to it? I'm a undergrad student. Thanks 17 8 years 9 months
Getting in by who you know at a BB...I know a lot of contacts at one BB and I know two Associates very well. I also know 3 recruiters there pretty well too and they're all for front office positions. The thing is that how do I use that to get into the firm? Can I simply ask straightforwardly? I got an interview with them for summer... 23 8 years 9 months
Is it really hard to move from back office to...I hear different things from different people. Most of the people I met have told me that it is extremely hard to move from back office to front office. I also hear that it isn't as hard as people make it to be. A friend of mine said one of her friend who was in back office at a BB transferred... 1 8 years 10 months


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that is one ugly thongthat is one ugly thong 20 7 years 11 months
it seems like you did the accerelated seems like you did the accerelated interview process...i think in your case it should be about two weeks so i'd give it until November 21, right before thanksgiving.. if not,, call them!! i got to final round during phone interview. 13 8 years 5 months
Thanks for your comment!Thanks for your comment! 9 8 years 7 months
that's what i heard too.. that's why in the SEO...that's what i heard too.. that's why in the SEO application. they'll ask you if you have are in the process of getting an interview with a bb that sponsors SEO. 8 8 years 7 months
nothing. i'm crime free. thanks!nothing. i'm crime free. thanks! 2 8 years 7 months
it's almost 2am in the morning and i'm trying's almost 2am in the morning and i'm trying to find something good to read... this post is so stupid... if you're that presigious, go ask shrink. 20 8 years 8 months
ib_bound: if you 'don't have any money saved'...[quote=ib_bound]if you 'don't have any money saved' you probably might want to consider using fantasy stock trading to learn the ropes while u save, such as those offered on and even facebook. that way u'll make mistakes with fantasy money and will be better prepared when u start... 18 8 years 8 months
What if you don't have $5k???What if you don't have $5k??? 11 8 years 8 months
roger87: Does anybody know if its easier to get...[quote=roger87]Does anybody know if its easier to get into SEO by ranking Asset management as your first choice, rather than Investment Banking?[/quote] it is not easier buddy. AM is actually harder. if you put AM first, they'd expect you to know more bc it's on the buy side. 124 8 years 9 months
well a lot of the financial guarantors seems to...well a lot of the financial guarantors seems to be doing fine. 11 8 years 9 months
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