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PDF to Excel helpI was curious if any of you guys could help me with something. So I transfer a lot of files at my work from PDF to excel and they always come out in multiple tabs instead of one big sheet. Do any of you know how to make it to where your pdf file is created in not only one excel sheet even if it... 2 months 2 weeks
How to value a startup!?Can anyone give me information on how it is done? I realize a dcf should not be used so should you only use comps? Any help is greatly appreciated. 6 months 3 weeks
Do companies check employment history of places...Long story shot, recent graduate who interviewed at a BB awhile ago have still been in contact with the people there and the job is still open. I took a job about 2 weeks ago because I had to, (money issues) I am afraid if I tell the BB that I took another job but am still interested I will be out... 7 months 1 week
Project Finance InterviewCan anyone tell me what kind of technical questions to expect for a Project Finance Interview? Is it exactly like a typical IBD interview or do they ask different questions? It is for a BB, any other tips would be greatly appreciated. 9 months 8 hours
difference between EBITDA and Cash Flow from...Had this questions asked in an interview and was hoping someone could provide the answer. Any response is appreciated. 9 months 1 day
Nomura Equity ResearchAnyone have any information on them? I know their number one in Japan, but I'm curious of their reputation. Also anyone have any interview experience with them? 10 months 3 weeks
Need help with a modelBasically trying to find the average interest rate on debt and equity risk premium for the entertainment industry, can anyone show me where i might find this without bloomberg, capiq, etc.? Many thanks to whoever can help 1 year 2 weeks
Interview QuestionWe have 2 companies, one has 800M in equity and 200M in debt, the other company has 600M in equity and 400M in debt who has the higher P/E and why? 1 year 5 months
CS Energy Group NYI know CS is regarded as one of the best Energy Groups on the street for oil and gas but what about their NY Energy Group? I know it mostly does Clean Energy but are the exit opps to PE just as good as compared to the Houston office? Thanks for any response 1 year 6 months
changing majorIs it a big deal to a company if you change your major after you applied? I'm currently thinking about switching majors but I already applied to all of the BB's, what is the consensus on this? 1 year 8 months


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J.P. Morgan Junior IB Analyst ProgramBump. Anyone know about compensation and if it starts as 0 year? 4 months 2 weeks
.Closed..Are you urm or asian? 7 months 3 weeks
Is Project Financing More of a Cap Markets...Bump, can anyone tell me what kind of technical questions to expect for a Project Finance Interview? Is it exactly like a typical IBD interview or do they ask different questions? 9 months 8 hours
How many Baruch kids break in to BB IB?yes baruch is awesome for SEO and women programs to get into IB, but it is definitely not a target. Be prepared t o network a lot to have a shot at other firms 9 months 4 days
Rosenberg & Cain-Possible Scam and Identity...These crooks tried emailing me today just wanted to bump it to make sure everyone stays away from these criminals. 9 months 3 weeks
WSO Real Estate happy hour/meetup in NYCHey man I am a recent graduate with I.B. experience but no RE experience with the exception of being a landlord. Is this event only for people within the industry or can people looking to get in come? 10 months 1 week
Nomura Equity Researchbump. for nyc location 10 months 3 weeks
How many Baruch kids break in to BB IB?just GS and JPM for ibd, the rest you gotta network 1 year 1 week
How many Baruch kids break in to BB IB?dude are you joking we sent a kid to Lazard, 2 to GS, like 3 to JPM, 1 to MS, 1 to Barclays, 1 to CS and Citi and I think 1 to DB and thats just this year 1 year 1 week
Need help with a modelthanks 1 year 2 weeks