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Deal Sourcing: Best Methods?All: Deal sourcing is not a component of my current position, but the first month of the year has proved to be slow and as a result we're looking to uncover companies that fit our typical investment criteria without the aid of banks or other traditional deal sources. Has anyone found any... 3 3 years 3 months
Calling all third yearsHow are you spending your last months of your analyst stint? Have all of you begun rolling off of projects and accounts that beat you down over the past few years? I finally used my limited clout to get taken off a few client accounts that involved all pitching and no deals but truly want off... 2 4 years 1 month
Books or reading materials to prep for PE?Hey all, Having spent ~3yrs in banking, I completely appreciate that there's nothing one could possibly read that will make them a rockstar in private equity (or any area of finance for that matter). That said, has anyone anyone come across anything that was in helpful to them, especially at... 2 4 years 3 months
Why a mezz fund?Hi all, I have almost no experience with mezzanine debt aside from an understanding of why it is used in debt raises and where it falls in the capital structure. For any of you that have ever interviewed at a mezz fund, what response did you give for wanting to go into mezz financing? I have an... 3 4 years 10 months
Harren EquityHey guys, I'm curious if anyone has any information / experience with Harren Equity? Any info that could be passed along would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 5 years 5 months
Moving between MM banks?Curious if anyone has made the move from one MM shop to another (for whatever reason) and what steps they took in doing so? Currently I'm at a respectable MM bank in an industry coverage group. Though we do outsource some of our M... 2 6 years 8 months
Best IBD Groups to get into PE...have things...In the past, M... 5 6 years 9 months
Effect of taking a class pass/fail on MBA...I'm a senior right now, planning out my courses for my final semester, and am considering taking my philosophy class pass/fail, so I can concentrate on my other courses. I'll be taking two MBA courses and am doing work as a TA/Independent Study for a professor, all of which are more relevant than... 3 7 years 3 months
Asking for an extension...Hey all, I have a middle office offer that explodes September 12th. I interned at this bank during the summer, and unfortunately my school doesn't directly deal with this firm. I was supposed to work at Bear Stearns last summer and while I liked my internship, I'd obviously like to see if there... 1 7 years 8 months
Approaching banks you previously turned down...I was supposed to intern in Bear's IBD this summer, but obviously had my offer revoked. I was unable to latch on anywhere else unfortunately and will be working in the TSS group at JPM (a couple other posts were made about this). Anyway, I decided to extend my graduation by an extra semester... 7 years 11 months


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I'm at a smaller fund (~$400M), and my all-in is...I'm at a smaller fund (~$400M), and my all-in is ~$160-$170K. It was admittedly less than I believed I'd be getting in PE, but as PEguy2011 mentioned, it's a bit of a crap shoot with the smaller funds. 45 2 years 11 months
I concur with Schumacher. I was talking a bit...I concur with Schumacher. I was talking a bit ago with an MD at a MM I-bank and someone asked him a similar question. He responded with, while anything is possible, attaining a PhD in Finance won't really help your chances to get into Ibanking all that much. He personally felt that people who... 130 3 years 3 months
Shoes and overall attire do not make NEAR as much...Shoes and overall attire do not make NEAR as much of a difference as people on this site will have you believe. Avoid anything that looks incredibly flamboyant (when buying, think, 'what will the interviewer's reaction be to this' - the answer should be he won't really notice) but otherwise, just... 12 4 years 7 months
I just got off one of my more miserable weeks....I just got off one of my more miserable weeks. Definitely over 100, probably teetering on ~115-120. It more speaks to the shitty structure in our group - 3rd years and 2nd years who are on their way out do not get staffed and can easily roll off of client accounts, while those returning get all of... 60 5 years 3 weeks
The analyst class above me supposedly had a...The analyst class above me supposedly had a fellow analyst quit after a week or so. I feel bad for younger people who do this - the job is brutal but often times people lose sight of the fact that things will get better than they are in the first week/month and don't fully think about how bad it... 19 5 years 6 months
ZOMG! u wentz to un IVEE LEEGUE schoolz?!?ZOMG! u wentz to un IVEE LEEGUE schoolz?!? 20 5 years 6 months
aod - i wouldn't question the OP's yearning to be...aod - i wouldn't question the OP's yearning to be in the industry --- sometimes this job just does this to you. That said, OP, I think you have some bad luck on your end. I've had excellent associates working with me (for the most part) at my bank. I'm at a BB as well and prefer this... 30 5 years 6 months
I wouldn't say my weekend was f'd but I'll...I wouldn't say my weekend was f'd but I'll definitely be at my cube sat-mon. Not for more than 6 hours at a time, but still. 15 5 years 8 months
In the office but only because I completely...In the office but only because I completely ignored everything that was sent my way from Sat/Sun. Great weekend. After a miserable Memorial Day, this is EXACTLY what I needed. Hope everyone had a good one! 7 5 years 10 months
I would say include it, especially if your major...I would say include it, especially if your major GPA is higher than your overall GPA. 161 5 years 11 months
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