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CFA vs CAIA vs FRM for Project Finance /...Currently weighing up the alternatives and have a bit of spare time on my hands. Background: already have a M.Fin and a Chartered Accountant certification, current role is in credit risk / transaction execution for a global IB, in particular doing cross-border secured lending to mining companies in... 1 year 6 days
How various professionals see the worldRecently I was having a conversion with a buddy who just started a grad job at a large insurance underwriter here in Zurich. He was saying how his perception of the world is changing now that the underlying structure of the global economy is gradually revealing itself to him through his work. He... 1 year 4 months
Anyone here a member of A Small World? Should I...So I have an invite to ASW which is about to expire and I'm not sure if the EUR80 subscription fee is really worth it. I do like the idea of being able to travel to places to meet up with people and go to events since I live in Zurich and travel Europe pretty regularly. Is ASW good for that? Or is... 1 year 8 months
Critique your boss with extreme care!A colleague in my team was recently made redundant due to so called "structural changes". The announcement came as a total shock to all of us since she was shouldering a ton of the boring administrative work that no-one else wanted to do, and she was fairly good at managing it all. Our team is... 1 year 10 months
Rutgers University offers course studying BeyonceI couldn't believe this trash when I saw it. If ever there was a shining example of the rotting standards of the US education system, it would have to be this. I'm sorry, but there is NOTHING to be gained from studying Beyonce at college. "Kevin Allred, a doctoral student who is teaching the... 2 years 5 days
Left-hand MousingHere's a little productivity hack for you monkeys. It's probably been raised on WSO before but wth. A bit of background - I work as an analyst at a boutique shop in Zurich. The vast vast majority of my waking hours are spent in front of a computer cranking models and reports (oh joy!). As much as I... 2 years 1 week
Dr Meth Anyone else here addicted to this shit? Seriously, I can't help myself wanting to employ more dealers and cooks so I can buy my very own China. LOL 2 years 3 months
Which city is the capital of the world?An interesting hypothetical came up in discussions at work today.. which city would be considered the capital of the world? I bet most monkeys here would be biased toward saying NYC is the world's capital, but let's not forget a capital city is by no means defined as being the largest or most... 2 years 7 months
Formatting financial ratios with 'xs'How do you guys format financial ratios in a report? Do you use for e.g. "1.51x" or "1.51xs"? I need to settle this once and for all. An associate at my bank keeps correcting my reports with useless changes, the most annoying being adding an 's' to the end of every financial ratio quoted. Not... 2 years 8 months
Zurich vs RelationshipWondering whether WSO shed some insight into my current dilemma. I have recently been offered a job in the mining finance team in Zurich with my existing employer. My background is asset finance primarily risk mgmt with 2 years experience having started on a grad program at a top tier in Sydney.... 3 years 2 months


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There are algorithms available-for-hire that can...There are algorithms available-for-hire that can write news reports based on a set of data that are completely indistinguishable from those written by journalists. In fact if you read Bloomberg or any other financial news source from time to time there's a good chance you've read an article written... 6 days 10 hours
This post is very much on point (despite the SB-...This post is very much on point (despite the SB-MS ratio). I studied finance and economics and the fact my skills are fast becoming obsolete is something I'm becoming increasingly conscious of, especially since reading "Rise of the Robots" by Martin Ford. This sentence in particular struck a chord... 1 week 4 days
All of a sudden everyone on WSO denies they...All of a sudden everyone on WSO denies they believed. I call bullshit. 95% of us thought it was really him. Hey I'm happy to admit it. I too was deceived. WSO will never be the same again. 3 weeks 5 days
undefined: Didn't know a desk assistant for UBS...[quote="undefined"]Didn't know a desk assistant for UBS wealth management is now considered an investment banker[/quote] This. Also article states he makes annual revenue of $215k i.e. before overheads, staff wages and costs. He's probably breaking even at best. 2 months 4 weeks
Almost took a job at Uber in a strategy &...Almost took a job at Uber in a strategy... 3 months 2 days
This is more or less what I was getting at....This is more or less what I was getting at. Obviously if there is a direct agreement between the lessee and the bank the answer will be straightforward, however I have assumed the lease contract is separate to the loan the lessor has entered into with the bank. The point is that if there is nothing... 6 months 3 weeks
It is important to differentiate between...It is important to differentiate between accounting ("economic") and legal ownership since the classification of a lease as finance or operating is independent of legal title. If a lessor has title to an asset but the substantial risks and rewards of the asset reside with the lessee, the asset sits... 6 months 3 weeks
Surely OP will deliver..Surely OP will deliver.. 10 months 3 weeks
A one month internship won't add anything to your...A one month internship won't add anything to your resume. If anything it shows you're likely to quit the job if a better offer comes up. 10 months 3 weeks
Up your coffee game.. order a three quarter...Up your coffee game.. order a three quarter double shot soy flat white, preferably single origin if available. That will teach him who's boss. 10 months 3 weeks
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