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Need help regarding futureHey guys, I'm currently in my 3rd(final) year of my Bsc in Business. I'm an international student studying in Europe. I want to know what are my options after graduating. As a Non-eu, i'm worried about my job prospects after i finish my Bsc. Thought of doing an MBA/Msc, but for that i'd prefer... 1 year 5 months
Online broker/trading platformHey guys, I'm thinking about starting trading on my own. Any online brokers that you would recommend? I'm based in Europe. Preferably one without a minimum initial deposit. Thanks! 1 year 8 months
International student- EuropeHey, I'm an international student studying in Europe. Doing an international business course. I am going to start my 2nd year in a few months. I have a couple of questions. 1) I'd need a work permit to get a job after my graduation. Are there companies which are sponsoring fresh graduates? Not... 2 years 7 months
Highschool Senior- any chance to get a summer...I will graduate from high school this year(A-levels). So do I have any chance of getting an internship/work experience in any finance related area? I'm thinking of emailing some firms/ small boutiques. Is this the best tactic or should i try something else? Thanks 3 years 11 months
Best out of these 4(Undergrad)Out of these 4 which is the best for a career in PE, IB or S... 4 years 1 month
deleted---abc 1 year 5 months
Best books for learning about the financial...Hey, I am looking to learn more about financial markets and about the trading world. What books would you recommend. I know very little/nothing about it right now. I am currently reading Freefall by J. Stiglitz, but it talks alot about the crash. I would like to know how they work, why stock... 4 years 3 months
Best business/econ undergrad school in EU(exc UK)I want to study Business/econ at uni. I am looking at rotterdam erasmus. It looks good. Which other good unis are there? My predicted grades for A-levels are ABB. But i will probably end up with AAB or AAA. Would i get into rotterdam Erasmus with these predictions(I have alot of... 4 years 4 months


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hahaha nah, im not military. Right now, I'm open...hahaha nah, im not military. Right now, I'm open to all jobs related to finance. I mean from the descriptions, both IB and PE look interesting but it could be hard to get into for a bachelor. Thanks 1 year 5 months
---------------------------------------------------- 1 year 5 months
------------------------------------ 1 year 5 months
Myron Gainz: Hey Charlie, I am extremely...[quote=Myron Gainz]Hey Charlie, I am extremely interested in this type of topic, and the psychology behind self-confidence and personal development. Are there any books you recommend reading about this subject matter? Thanks for sharing this--I have found this video very helpful![/quote] Read How... 1 year 8 months
I'm not sure which division of finance I want to...I'm not sure which division of finance I want to go in. So, I'll stick to emailing local financial/accountancy firms + the ones in London. Thanks 3 years 11 months
Well, I want to do an internship this year so it...Well, I want to do an internship this year so it will make it easier for me to get one when i'm a freshman at uni and so on. And, of course, for the experience. 3 years 11 months
Okay thanks for that. I found a list of new...Okay thanks for that. I found a list of new financial firms(small boutiques etc.) in London and I was wondering if I should apply to them. In 2010, I worked in the insurance dep. of a Hospital in the US. Should I try to get something similar? Should I try local accountancy firms? Thanks 3 years 11 months
Thanks for your help guys. I'll put Nottingham as...Thanks for your help guys. I'll put Nottingham as my first choice. If I change my mind about studying in the UK, which other one would be better? RSM or Maastricht? Thank alot 4 years 1 month
Anyone else? ThanksAnyone else? Thanks 4 years 1 month
nauprillion: I've got a few friends there and to...[quote=nauprillion]I've got a few friends there and to me it seems like it has become sort of the plan b university for Germans who didn't get into a good university in Germany. My friends that are studying there are neither smart nor ambitious. From what I've heard the student life isn't that... 4 years 1 month
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