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Smart Money Vs Dumb MoneyWhat's up guys, I just launched a new blog that will give daily economic updates, investment strategies and advice. There are massive opportunities in the market right now that more people should be aware of, especially for young investors who are looking for any sort of reference. I literally... 2 3 years 8 months
Question for the scholars in commodity tradingGents- It's the end of my sophomore year in college and I'm starting to realize that I might need to switch it up from doing keg stands to, unfortunately, doing book stands. I've got some internships in the works that will give me a solid look at an S... 3 4 years 2 weeks
Summer Internship - Tough time finding an...Hey, I'm having a tough time finding an internship for the summer so I thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone is looking for an intern, preferably in E.R. or S... 3 1 month 3 weeks


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You will get burned if you short any precious...You will get burned if you short any precious metals. Smart money is buying metals, dumb money is buying bonds. 5 3 years 8 months
I absolutely agree. There are ways to capitalize...I absolutely agree. There are ways to capitalize for all investors, regardless of their initial investment. Two investments in particular will give staggering returns; one delivering $3:1 or $5:1 return on investment, and the other $5:1 to $7:1 by 2014-2015 (conservative time frame). Follow https... 2 3 years 8 months
There are a number of reasons to be long silver,...There are a number of reasons to be long silver, or precious metals in general, and the significant run up is only in aggs, which is mostly a result of the absolute shite weather conditions that have destroyed a large amount of crops. Anyways, without going into a doomsday rant and the debasement... 79 3 years 8 months
Sophomore. Also, I've just recently changed my...Sophomore. Also, I've just recently changed my minor to history, 3 4 years 4 months
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