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Distressed debt case interviewsI know there are a few people here who are on the distressed debt / special sit. side of things. I have a second round coming up at a distressed debt / turnaround fund. I have been told to expect a case study of some sort. Now, i am pretty good with the typical LBO type case studies....done a... 1 4 years 1 week
Need advice re: PE exit opNeed some third party advice. Currently at a well known bank (not BB, but a reputable boutique) as a 2nd year. I am in talks with a MM PE firm, offer is almost in hand, just going through the normal back-and-forth that's required at smaller funds. Small team, but the guys there are good (in... 6 4 years 3 months
Breaking into Private Equity - CompBankerGreat blog entry by CompBanker. Must read for anyone looking to exit to PE from Banking. I've pinned this to the top of the Private Equity forum list. Follow link below: 4 years 11 months
Start-up PE funds?So I see this opportunity at a start up PE fund that operates in a pretty specific (somewhat niche) market. Haven't seen many other funds in the space, but there are a couple. Really fits what I am after, long-term. Anyone have any experience with startup funds? 7 5 years 6 months
Emerging markets PEAnyone here have experience with EM PE? Would be interested to hear your thoughts. 4 5 years 10 months
How much to not come into work anymore?On the cusp of another all-nighter, a colleague asked me what my minimum $ cutoff would be to not come into work tomorrow (or ever again)...factoring in all the consequences of such an action. During normal conditions, I'd feel like I'm low-balling myself if I say $600-700k, but that would be... 15 5 years 11 months
I think I just found true love through WSO....I got this PM here on WSO recently: "Hello My name is miss Sylvia.i saw your profile today on( and became intrested in you,i will also like to know more about you,and i want you to send a mail to my email address so that i can give you my picture for you to know whom l... 7 6 years 2 months
Got some time to kill?Here is how I spend my down time.... I fking hate AA, yet I love them for doing this. *possibly* NSFW, but its AA 13 6 years 2 months
How many deals during analyst stintHow many "live" deals were you apart of during your analyst stint? Looking for range to guage my experience. Thanks 1 6 years 3 months
Personal developmentSick of seeing the same old stuff on here, so throwing this question out there. We all talk about exit ops into PE/HF/Bschool/other career interests. What about personal development/growth (or shrinkage) after your time in IB? Do you appreciate life more? Find yourself more mature? More boring?... 11 6 years 3 months


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You're over analyzing it.You're over analyzing it. 192 3 weeks 2 days
Do past events effect future probabilities? I am...Do past events effect future probabilities? I am going to assume no, and say that the team still has a 60% chance of winning their next game. 192 3 weeks 2 days
My favorite: -I sometimes overanalyze/think...My favorite: -I sometimes overanalyze/think little things (I actually follow this one up with an example of an exam had) From what I've seen, interviewers really liked it. 145 6 months 3 weeks
There is no real cutoff unfortunately. Depends on...There is no real cutoff unfortunately. Depends on how your resume ranks against everybody else's. Trick is to get it as high as possible and hope the other stuff balances it out. 147 9 months 3 weeks
ManInJeans: Where do they get off calling wing-...[quote=ManInJeans]Where do they get off calling wing-shaped nuggets wings? Can a nugget make a chicken fly, motherfucker? Well, neither can a wing. But still And can we talk for a minute about the absurdity that is a bird that can't fly? Who the fuck thought that shit up? How has nature not... 64 2 years 2 months
hahaha, hilarious thread. "boneless chicken guy...hahaha, hilarious thread. "boneless chicken guy" = LOL. 64 2 years 3 months
KB, Wanted to chime in here. We actually have...KB, Wanted to chime in here. We actually have similar backgrounds professionally (IB... 30 2 years 3 months
Hilarious thread. Love the first vid.....nut in...Hilarious thread. Love the first vid.....nut in dat bish 14 2 years 4 months
DubStreet: I find it hilarious how many people...[quote=DubStreet]I find it hilarious how many people say it's a PR move. I'm an analyst at GS and was a bit skeptical at first, especially when I thought "great, now instead of working 4 hours on Saturday and 4 on Sunday, I'll have to work 8 on Sunday." However, so far it has been great. Tonight... 72 2 years 5 months
I'll throw in my opinion as well: I actually...I'll throw in my opinion as well: I actually liked IB (for the most part) but could not stand the hours/culture. I might have considered staying longer if the hours were somehow reduced -- even if it meant less pay. If I had to do it all again today, I would probably still pick GS over Google... 140 2 years 6 months
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