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IB --> FLDPAfter a 2-year analyst stint, would it be possible to transition from that directly into an F500 FLDP, or would you need to take the IB --> MBA --> FLDP path? 1 year 1 month
Goldman Sachs PWMJust got an email out of the blue asking if I wanted to interview for a PWM position on Dallas (not quite equities, but...) Couple of questions: 1. How has Goldman's PWM business grown lately? A lot of the "rank these firms!" threads I've dug up via search tell me conflicting things. 2007-era... 1 year 6 months
WFH / Remote careers in financedelete :D 3 months 18 hours
Path to FA/PM from MBALet's hypothetically say that someone without too much investing experience (but plenty of sales/"soft" skills) wanted to make the switch into PWM/PB. Obviously an MBA is the ideal choice. But what about after? Should she interview for PWM/PB positions right off the bat? Would she enter as an... 1 year 6 months
Living/working in DallasThinking a few years ahead / trying to figure out where I'd like to eventually end up in life (quarterlife crisis time!) Anyone have thoughts on living/working in Dallas? I've heard from some people that working there is super enjoyable. Others have told me that Dallas is a snobbish hellhole (then... 1 year 7 months
Selling complete Manhattan GMAT setHey all, I'm selling my complete Manhattan GMAT set. It's this one here: Does not come with eBook Access, and I've lost my test simulation booklet, but I do have the Advanced Quant guide. All of that usually goes for $300, but I'll let... 1 year 7 months
Need help selecting online brokerage for trading.Did a quick search, but most threads contain obsolete information from around 2009 (such as bashing on E*Trade's high price per trade, which has gone down significantly). Anyways. Long story short - hoping to get [back] into trading. Need to find a good online brokerage. Current picks: -... 1 year 7 months
Roommate(s) needed - SFHi all, I'll be relocating in March to SF for a full time opportunity. Looking to room with 1-3 other individuals in the area, preferably in a nice apartment complex (i.e. not some "charming, renovated" house in Tendernob). Will be working in consulting in the Financial District. Open to a... 1 year 8 months
Can someone pull a PDF of a WSJ article?One of my clients is featured in this but alas, I no longer have a WSJ subscription. If you could save and send me a PDF of it, I would award you with SBs and eternal gratitude. Thanks! 1 year 8 months
FTI Consulting - written exam. 1 year 8 months


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2 years late, lol. Sorry, no longer for sale. 2 years late, lol. Sorry, no longer for sale. 2 months 2 weeks
Popping in to say: never all-caps Java. Please....Popping in to say: never all-caps Java. Please. It's not an acronym. 2 months 2 weeks
LiamNeeson: So are bankers. The only difference...[quote="LiamNeeson"]So are bankers. The only difference is that they deal with impossible clients instead of patients.[/quote] Doctors have waaaay more debt than bankers. Even if just for the reason that doctors don't get year-end bonuses the way bankers do... 2 months 2 weeks
Augh. Why would anyone want to date a doctor?...Augh. Why would anyone want to date a doctor? They're horrendously in debt, aren't as rich as they make it out to be, and are cranky from working with difficult patients all day. 2 months 2 weeks
Kevin00: Thank you for the quick response! Yes I...[quote="Kevin00"]Thank you for the quick response! Yes I meant horizontals within advisory. I'm currently recruiting for an EAM/ERP position but I am more interested in the M&A/Deals horizontal and was wondering if I would be able to switch after a year or two. Sorry I'm not too familiar with... 2 months 3 weeks
That's weird - guess mine was the exception! That's weird - guess mine was the exception! 2 months 3 weeks
I'm waiting for this type of technology to get...I'm waiting for this type of technology to get cheaper: I currently wear a pair of wireless headphones (SYNC headphones) since no one in the office gives a damn and I have my own room. When I was in consulting I used Apple earbuds with one ear in. 2 months 3 weeks
THBanker: Id drop MIT and not waste the time on...[quote="THBanker"]Id drop MIT and not waste the time on an app unless you have some super math background you didn't disclose.[/quote] Why do people keep propagating this stereotype? :( Look at the most recent class stats: You definitely do... 2 months 3 weeks
I'm confused. You said you were a junior. Then...I'm confused. You said you were a junior. Then you said you got into b-school. Then you said you had a 3.95 GPA that didn't transfer over acceptance into b-school. What's the story there? Were you at a non-target and transferred to a semi-target? Although not official, you can combine the... 2 months 3 weeks
Kevin00: Chicandtoughness, You said that it is...[quote="Kevin00"]Chicandtoughness, You said that it is hard to switch verticals, but how about horizontals? Ex. If I am offered a position in Talent and Change or Finance Effectiveness and I want to switch to Deals or Operations in the same vertical/industry. Thanks![/quote] Sorry if I was... 2 months 3 weeks