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IB --> FLDPAfter a 2-year analyst stint, would it be possible to transition from that directly into an F500 FLDP, or would you need to take the IB --> MBA --> FLDP path? 8 1 year 9 months
Goldman Sachs PWMJust got an email out of the blue asking if I wanted to interview for a PWM position on Dallas (not quite equities, but...) Couple of questions: 1. How has Goldman's PWM business grown lately? A lot of the "rank these firms!" threads I've dug up via search tell me conflicting things. 2007-era... 4 2 years 2 months
WFH / Remote careers in financedelete :D 11 months 1 day
Path to FA/PM from MBALet's hypothetically say that someone without too much investing experience (but plenty of sales/"soft" skills) wanted to make the switch into PWM/PB. Obviously an MBA is the ideal choice. But what about after? Should she interview for PWM/PB positions right off the bat? Would she enter as an... 4 2 years 2 months
Living/working in DallasThinking a few years ahead / trying to figure out where I'd like to eventually end up in life (quarterlife crisis time!) Anyone have thoughts on living/working in Dallas? I've heard from some people that working there is super enjoyable. Others have told me that Dallas is a snobbish hellhole (then... 5 2 years 2 months
Selling complete Manhattan GMAT setHey all, I'm selling my complete Manhattan GMAT set. It's this one here: Does not come with eBook Access, and I've lost my test simulation booklet, but I do have the Advanced Quant guide. All of that usually goes for $300, but I'll let... 2 years 3 months
Need help selecting online brokerage for trading.Did a quick search, but most threads contain obsolete information from around 2009 (such as bashing on E*Trade's high price per trade, which has gone down significantly). Anyways. Long story short - hoping to get [back] into trading. Need to find a good online brokerage. Current picks: -... 4 2 years 3 months
Roommate(s) needed - SFHi all, I'll be relocating in March to SF for a full time opportunity. Looking to room with 1-3 other individuals in the area, preferably in a nice apartment complex (i.e. not some "charming, renovated" house in Tendernob). Will be working in consulting in the Financial District. Open to a... 2 years 3 months
Can someone pull a PDF of a WSJ article?One of my clients is featured in this but alas, I no longer have a WSJ subscription. If you could save and send me a PDF of it, I would award you with SBs and eternal gratitude. Thanks! 4 2 years 3 months
FTI Consulting - written exam. 4 2 years 4 months


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Wolverine_1249: And holding back what you have...[quote=Wolverine_1249]And holding back what you have and replying the thread but not providing the solutions, is weird. Do you expect me to change my behavior from this act of yours?[/quote] Yes, actually. At the very least, I hope you see that no one likes a leech who takes more than gives. There... 71 4 weeks 1 day
You've been here since the summer and made 2...You've been here since the summer and made 2 posts - this one and the one asking for the solutions manual. None of that tells me you're into giving back to the community. Just FYI - if you search hard enough, you CAN find BKM's solution manual on the Internet. If you want it from me the easy way... 71 4 weeks 1 day
Wolverine_1249: Hi chicandtoughness, can you PM...[quote=Wolverine_1249]Hi chicandtoughness, can you PM/ email me please. ankit.219 (at) gmail (dot) com [/quote] Please see the post above yours. Thanks! 71 4 weeks 1 day
New requirement: SB me and make some kind of...New requirement: SB me and make some kind of substantial post(s) contributing to the forums. Seriously, guys -__-;; That said, I PMed the solutions to those who don't just seem like they're registering for the site just to leech solutions manuals. 71 4 weeks 1 day
Should make that a requirement. "SB me and I'll...Should make that a requirement. "SB me and I'll send it to you", lol. Half of these requests are college kids who want solutions to homework problems. 71 4 weeks 1 day
seanjohnson: I have been looking for hours on a...[quote=seanjohnson]I have been looking for hours on a way to get the solutions manual in a digital version. If I was living in U.S. right now, I would gladly buy it off Amazon and that would be the end of it, but because I live in China, I can't find any copies.[/quote] Doesn't Amazon have... 71 4 weeks 1 day
I can't send it to your email, as you didn't...I can't send it to your email, as you didn't write it. Also, might want to consider not registering for forums for the sole purpose of leeching solution manuals off people...? Regardless, PMed you the link. 71 4 weeks 1 day
PM'ed. Might also want to.. not have your name in...PM'ed. Might also want to.. not have your name in your username. 71 4 weeks 1 day
soulrider44: can you pm it to me too :D Sent.[quote=soulrider44]can you pm it to me too :D[/quote] Sent. 71 4 weeks 1 day
I PMed it to you, check your inbox.I PMed it to you, check your inbox. 71 4 weeks 1 day
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