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IB --> FLDPAfter a 2-year analyst stint, would it be possible to transition from that directly into an F500 FLDP, or would you need to take the IB --> MBA --> FLDP path? 9 months 3 weeks
Goldman Sachs PWMJust got an email out of the blue asking if I wanted to interview for a PWM position on Dallas (not quite equities, but...) Couple of questions: 1. How has Goldman's PWM business grown lately? A lot of the "rank these firms!" threads I've dug up via search tell me conflicting things. 2007-era... 1 year 3 months
WFH / Remote careers in financeBeen doing some thinking about this the other day ever since a headhunter reached out to me regarding a WFH customer service position at AmericanExpress (yeah, I know). 1) Are there opportunities for WFH / remote work careers in finance? And I don't mean being a virtual bank teller or something... 1 year 3 months
Path to FA/PM from MBALet's hypothetically say that someone without too much investing experience (but plenty of sales/"soft" skills) wanted to make the switch into PWM/PB. Obviously an MBA is the ideal choice. But what about after? Should she interview for PWM/PB positions right off the bat? Would she enter as an... 1 year 3 months
Living/working in DallasThinking a few years ahead / trying to figure out where I'd like to eventually end up in life (quarterlife crisis time!) Anyone have thoughts on living/working in Dallas? I've heard from some people that working there is super enjoyable. Others have told me that Dallas is a snobbish hellhole (then... 1 year 3 months
Selling complete Manhattan GMAT setHey all, I'm selling my complete Manhattan GMAT set. It's this one here: Does not come with eBook Access, and I've lost my test simulation booklet, but I do have the Advanced Quant guide. All of that usually goes for $300, but I'll let... 1 year 3 months
Need help selecting online brokerage for trading.Did a quick search, but most threads contain obsolete information from around 2009 (such as bashing on E*Trade's high price per trade, which has gone down significantly). Anyways. Long story short - hoping to get [back] into trading. Need to find a good online brokerage. Current picks: -... 1 year 4 months
Roommate(s) needed - SFHi all, I'll be relocating in March to SF for a full time opportunity. Looking to room with 1-3 other individuals in the area, preferably in a nice apartment complex (i.e. not some "charming, renovated" house in Tendernob). Will be working in consulting in the Financial District. Open to a... 1 year 4 months
Can someone pull a PDF of a WSJ article?One of my clients is featured in this but alas, I no longer have a WSJ subscription. If you could save and send me a PDF of it, I would award you with SBs and eternal gratitude. Thanks! 1 year 4 months
FTI Consulting - written exam. 1 year 5 months


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WSO - What Do You Hate?I actually like it now :) It is worth mentioning that I keep my screen pretty bright / high contrast, but overall it is a huge improvement. 2 weeks 3 days
Why is my resume not working? Please annihilate...This guy has also not been on WSO for 4 months, so you guys are shouting into the open air here. 1 month 1 day
Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!Wow. Haven't been here in about 4 months and thought I went to the wrong site. I like how clean everything looks, but do agree with everyone saying that there's too little contrast. My primary problem is that due to the light shade of grey on each of the comment boxes, it's difficult to... 1 month 2 days
Any Metalheads on WSO?Some good stuff there! Never heard Dark Tranquility before, but that first video has me curious! Happy you included Wintersun and Pestilence :) Good selection in part 4 - found a lot of bands I want to hear more from. You'll have to give some recommendations! 2 months 2 weeks
How you work[quote=Deo et Patriae]For those who are too lazy to click the link: "3) Girls spend way too much fucking time in the shower. I set my phone timer to 7 minutes in the shower and aim to not exceed that." [/quote] Aw man, why did you guys have to dig that out. I'm not what I used to be - showers are... 3 months 3 weeks
Do I have any serious chance at front office...[quote=JohnBrohan]which programs are known for inflation and which for deflation? Also, to clarify one which is "more quantitative," I didn't mean to say that the MSF individual classes are more quant, but the overall list of courses one takes is more quantitative overall. No one is buying the... 4 months 4 days
Do I have any serious chance at front office...[quote=JohnBrohan]Honestly, I'm not even going to bother with back office stuff like private wealth management, aka telemarketing sales because cold-calling people hoping they pick up is almost as good as rolling a dice at a craps table. Not to mention zero job security and the lack of ability to... 4 months 6 days
Sending Thank You's to interviewers on...[quote=BillieJean]Every academic resource I have seen tells students to e-mail a thank you note. [/quote] These "academic resources" are not the people who are interviewing and hiring you (like SSits is...) Hell, half of the career counselors at most schools don't have a clue what the hiring style... 4 months 1 week
Your first real paycheck, how did it feel? [quote=AndyLouis]$2,200?! damn, hope you found someone quick [/quote] I did, thankfully. We split it 60/40 since he had the bigger room. I had a high floor apartment right on the river so it made sense, haha. 4 months 1 week
Admission consultants - reliable reviewsNot going to comment on whether a consultant is necessary or not - that's for you to decide. But did want to give a +1 to Betsy from Master Admissions. Had a friend who used her and got into all the schools they applied for. She's also made some quality posts on WSO if you want to check her out... 4 months 1 week