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Boutique ibank Directors/MDsDo VP/Directors at boutique/MM ibanks have the power or authority to hire someone right on the spot? I have a lot of informational meetings with alumni and I was just curios if they could actually do this, given that the meeting goes really well of course. Any thoughts? P.S. I'm a sophomore. 1 8 years 3 months
networking optionshey guys I have a question about networking with alumni. I'm a sophomore targeting alumni at boutique investment banks for this summer and I just had a question. If I find 2 people at a specific bank that went to the same school as me, but one is an analyst/other lower level banker that is in IBD... 4 8 years 3 months
Head of GS TMT RetiresThe head of GS TMT just recently retired. How much do you think this will affect the group? Man, I wonder how rich this guy must have been... 43 8 years 3 months
Brookfield Asset Management - Classified as a RE...Would they be classified as a RE private equity firm? Anyone have any info at all about them that can't be found on the website. Thank you. 1 1 week 3 days
Resume opinions..lack of ecsI just realized that when I apply for ibanking internships next year I am basically only going to have enough space for an: Education column consisting of - BBA program (low gpa) - Summer school at LSE - Canadian Securities course, wall street prep Work Experience - 1 asset management... 7 8 years 5 months
gpa after third year transferLets say you transfer to a different school for your third year after two years at another school. When you apply to summer analyst positions you will literally only have 1 semester of grades under your belt. Do you think its acceptable to average out that term and use this as your gpa after a... 5 8 years 5 months
Bankers and much cash after two...How much cash do you guys expect to have in the bank after your two year analyst stint is over? 7 8 years 6 months
gpa conversion helpI go to a university in Canada that uses a messed up 9 point scale and need some help converting it to a standard 4.0 scale. This is the scale that we use: A+ 9.0 A 8.0 B+ 7.0 B 6.0 C+ 5.0 C 4.0 D+ 3.0 D 2.0 E 1.0 F 0 My school doesn't have a grade of A- and... 9 9 years 3 weeks
What to do in the summer....So I bought the self-study program from Wall Street Prep and just had some questions about that and about this upcoming summer. For people that have used WSP.... about how long does it take to learn everything? Also, besides taking summer courses to bump up my gpa, enjoying my last free summer... 2 9 years 1 month
informational interviewsWhat should I hope to accomplish from an informational interview? Obviously its one of the best ways to network and that it could potentially lead to an internship but Should the goal be to get the guys business card/contact info so that I could keep in contact with the guy. Should I be blunt, and... 2 9 years 1 month


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If Morgan Stanley has 15 or so people, how many...If Morgan Stanley has 15 or so people, how many analyst openings would they most likely have per year? I know one 4th year student at my school who interned at MS Toronto and has gotten an offer to return. Same question for ML.. 65 1 year 5 months
^if your going to be the only SA at Stone Tower,...^if your going to be the only SA at Stone Tower, I wouldn't go around asking questions like that on a public forum because it would be pretty easy to pinpoint who you are. 5 8 years 2 months
Let your gpa drop to a 3.7. Intern during the...Let your gpa drop to a 3.7. Intern during the weekdays, work part time on Friday and Saturday, party on Sundays. If you have any free time then study for the CFA and GMAT. After graduating and before starting work, go to really need it. 30 8 years 2 months
whats your gpa currently at.whats your gpa currently at. 30 8 years 2 months
so wait, summer analysts usually work 80 hours wait, summer analysts usually work 80 hours or less? This is a big surprise, I thought they would have to work the same as first years. I've had boutique firms tell me that I can expect 18 hours a day if working there as an intern. 20 8 years 2 months
it cant be true. I know of someone who cant be true. I know of someone who interned in the summer of 2006. 14 8 years 2 months
hiring hasn't slowed down at all in Canada I can...hiring hasn't slowed down at all in Canada I can tell you that much especially for SAs, not positive on FT recruitment this past year. 8 8 years 2 months
I would like to know as well, how about their...I would like to know as well, how about their Financial Institutions group for PE? 4 8 years 2 months
^ did he go to a target? Also, what work...^ did he go to a target? Also, what work experience did he have in 2nd or third year? 21 8 years 3 months
slickmac, how can you only get one interview when...slickmac, how can you only get one interview when you did a BB ibanking internship as a sophomore? I find this really hard to believe, I dont care how bad the market is right now. Are you just applying online? 36 8 years 3 months
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