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being beta - help!so lately my boss has been mean and i'm starting to get upset. i find myself having to disappear and collect my thoughts multiple times a it because i am beta and not alpha? 1 year 2 months
Xerxes is back!So some of you who have been members for a long time may remember this guy and his firm where they make first years stand all day, and they pump Rocky music in the hallways Seems he's in the news again. I can't find the original posts, but i know someone made a great picture of him Granted... 2 years 1 month
Camp Owner on ResumeCan I mention my successful running of a summer camp on my resume? I turned it into the number 1 weightloss infomercial of all time, and my ass did not become wheatgrass. I'm just wondering, because i think it will give recruiters a better concept of who i am as a person 2 years 8 months
GMAT Test PrepTime for a serious post im starting to prep for the GMAT. I was gonna take it at the end january, and was thinking about doing about an hour a night until jan starts and then diving into it harder. does anyone have any good test prep plans? I got the new Kaplan book (its like 1200 pages and... 2 years 8 months
Lunch - What do you do?What do you do when you have to skip lunch? 2 years 11 months
My InternSo...My intern is really extremely hot..she's sat on my lap a few times when asking me questions, and i really think she's into me..but part of me thinks she is just flirting with me so I give her an offer.. We've gone out for team drinks a couple times already, and she gives me those... 2 years 11 months
What do you eat for breakfast?I eat success....with skim milk...and sometimes i cancel lunch for my team if they dont work to my standards 2 years 11 months
Smelly Guy at WorkSo lately, a couple people around me have started to stop using deodorant. I dont know if they forget, or if they just dont care. Do people not know how bad they smell? It's almost like you gotta shove tampons up your nose when you go to talk to them so you don't gag. Question is: is there a... 2 years 11 months
Best Movie CharactersWho do you guys think are the best movie characters of all time. Obviously tony perkis from heavyweights and brad Pitt in fight club. But who else? 2 years 11 months
Math ProblemTrying to do this for future valuation, can anyone help? I need to get 'i' on its own P= (C(1-v^20)/i) + (100v^20) WHERE v = 1/(1+i) stay up homies 3 years 21 hours


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Income taxes in London and Paris and Stockholm vs...Note. Pay in some EU countries may be lower to remain consistent with university being "free" 10 months 1 week
Rank the top WSO members in order of... nominating myself...due to hustle 11 months 1 week
Pre-Conference WSO Happy Hour: Friday June 27th...i may make an appearance, depending on how apache relay training goes 11 months 1 week
Mistakes made by an oblivious intern; in any way is your post questioning the helpfulness of the post you replied to helpful? 11 months 1 week
AMA: I'm at the end of the WSO Rainbow and...A+ sir. 11 months 2 weeks
Can GoldenCinderBlock just... go somewhere?flake should go somewhere 11 months 3 weeks
Craigslist Ad Of The Day - Finance Bro Needs...oh can read barstool sports 11 months 3 weeks
Badass World Cup Brackettell me how you really feel 11 months 3 weeks
Badass World Cup Bracketargentina will win. brazil will disappoint. england will not make it out of their group. US will make it out of their group due to germany playing a weakened squad in the last group game (low does this a lot). Lukaku will win golden boot. Spain will struggle. 11 months 3 weeks
What's the deal with FIG?be careful with figs...they can be poisonous...just ask indiana jones 11 months 3 weeks