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Is shorting your competition legal?Let's say you own a biotech and discovered a cure for aids. Can you use this material non-public info to short other publicly traded pharmas and biotechs also working on HIV drugs? Sorry if this is a naive question, CFA L1 didn't cover anything like this. 19 2 years 6 months
Getting in the ground floor...not.[quote]A bankrupt electronics retailer appears to have gotten caught up in the investor fervor for Twitter. Shares of Tweeter Home Entertainment Group Inc. rose as high as 15 cents Friday. That’s up 1,400 percent from Thursday’s closing price of 1 cent. The Financial Industry Regulatory... 2 years 7 months
Detroit’s Creditors Asked to Accept Pennies on...[quote]The emergency manager who was sent to reverse the fortunes of this financially troubled city asked some of its creditors on Friday to accept pennies on the dollar as he laid out his plan for tackling Detroit’s staggering debt, kick-starting negotiations that could determine whether the city... 4 2 years 10 months
Can't wipe your butt in this socialist... [quote] Encarnacion Rivas, an 89-year-old Venezuelan retiree, had to traipse around a half dozen stores in Caracas on her search for toilet paper as dollar shortages in South America’s... 4 2 years 11 months
New Legal Challenge to ObamacareI just read up on an interesting new suit against Obamacare making the rounds. Couldn’t find it on WSO so thought I’d post on it. So last year the Supreme Court mandated that Obamacare is a tax, and is therefore constitutional. However, the Origination Clause of the Constitution mandates that "... 22 2 years 12 months
$22/hr min wage. Now liz warren is NOT just... 20 3 years 1 month
Al Jazeera Buys Al Gore’s Current TV Al Jazeera has bought Al Gore’s progressive media corporation. For those of you who thought the programming on that channel couldn't get any worse, think again. 5 3 years 4 months
Hollywood hypocrisy at its finestJust saw this posted on GSelevator 4 3 years 4 months
Should the rich prefer higher a tax rate instead...It is seems pretty inevitable that the “rich” (however you define them) are gonna have to pay higher taxes, cause we live in a democracy and the majority of citizens want this and the trend is not going end anytime soon. Some republicans say we should close tax loopholes and deductions that the... 11 3 years 4 months
New financial product (or dumb idea/not a new...The fact that folks are paying negative yields for US debt (and the debt of swiss/germans/etc) seems absurd, especially given that most gov’t debt is a huge time bomb. Obviously some folks need these as collateral for financial transactions. But the bulk of these are held by short- and long-term... 1 3 years 9 months


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surprised brady isn't all over thissurprised brady isn't all over this 89 1 year 7 months
I hate the yanks but that was an awesome endingI hate the yanks but that was an awesome ending 14 1 year 7 months
24.5024.50 48 2 years 3 months
I think Talleyrand would have summed it up best...I think Talleyrand would have summed it up best: "It's worse than a crime, it's a mistake” 51 2 years 6 months
UFOinsider: I hope ACA works. If it doesn't...[quote=UFOinsider]I hope ACA works. If it doesn't then scuttle it. I just can't personally stand everyone with some bullshit pseudointellectual pet theory that they value over reality. After all, it's only the health of a nation at stake. Y'know, nothing major.[/quote] Right, because... 51 2 years 6 months
UFOinsider: 2. AMA is run by people who are...[quote=UFOinsider] 2. AMA is run by people who are intimately aware of the financial situation of medical students and isn't "screwing them over" on that basis. Check your premisis here. You're rebelling against a figment of your imagination. [/quote] Right, just like the ABA isn't screwing... 51 2 years 6 months
Canada has a HUGE doctor shortage because the...Canada has a HUGE doctor shortage because the system fucks them over. So happy we are bringing that system over. 51 2 years 6 months
Do a lot of guys screw around with knucklers so...Do a lot of guys screw around with knucklers so that they can become the next wakefield/dickey? 38 2 years 6 months
SB, great post. What do you think separates the...SB, great post. What do you think separates the handful of guys who make it from the rest? Are they spending insane hours working out and watching tapes? Or are they just naturally gifted? 38 2 years 6 months
GS Elevator Gossip @GSElevator 15 Oct #1: What's...GS Elevator Gossip [email protected] 15 Oct #1: What's more offensive, the name 'Redskins', or a sport where a few rich white landowners have a draft to buy players to work the field? 65 2 years 6 months
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