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Investment Bank NetworkingI have previous IB internship experience and bit of buy-side experience as well. During my undergrad days I networked with people in investment banking through emails like: "I'm in school XYZ and want to learn more about IB career...informational meeting, etc" (This was when I had no IB experience... 2 years 7 months
Buy side interviewHi, I got a buy side interview (hedge fund) coming up and they asked me to prepare a small research paper with 2 long and short investment ideas. I am just wondering what the typical format and length will be? First time I've been asked to do this. Thanks a lot! 2 years 7 months
Hedge Fund InterviewHi, I have an interview coming up next week at a hedge fund 1B+ AUM (long short equity) and I am wondering what kind of interview questions would I expect? I know all the IB technicals, have 2 long and 2 short investment ideas ready. What kind of other technical questions would I expect?... 2 years 7 months
GMAT and GPALong story short: I have a low GPA (talking 2 ish out of 4) - no excuses, I d***ed around in undergrad and didnt study. I really studied my balls off for the GMAT and I have 96%+ percentile score. Just wondering what are my chances of getting into a top MBA program in both Canada (UofT/Ivey/... 2 years 8 months
IB RecruitmentHi, I just have a question for IB recruiting at BBs Are there any tips for increasing chances of getting picked for first round interviews: I was thinking of sending a quick email to all the network contacts at BB banks with just a quick note saying, I applied and I look forward to hearing... 3 years 6 months
What are my chancesLong story short: I am in my last year at Semi-target University in Canada I have below 3.0 gpa (out of 4); I am not going to make excuses, the reason for my low mark is the lack of effort. Stupid on my part but nothing I can do over spilled milk now I have been networking pretty... 3 years 8 months


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Buy side interviewDo I include holding period as well? Thanks for all the advice guys, really helpful 2 years 7 months
Investment Bank NetworkingThanks guys, very helpful advice 2 years 7 months
Buy side interviewWondering what are some of the important metrics/valuations that I should include for this report? I mainly talk about P/E and EPS should I include anything else? 2 years 7 months
Investment Bank NetworkingI just thought it would sound silly for me to email Analysts/Associates and ask them for an informational meeting so I can "learn" more about the career. Wouldn't they think "the guy already has an IB internship, what is there for me to tell him?" 2 years 7 months
Buy side interview[quote=yeahright][quote=c_2_q]@ixjunitxi, it's 2nd round Already went through 1st, I already had stock pitches ready just in case but I wasn't sure how it was done in report format[/quote] what was your first round like?[/quote] 1st round was a pretty standard interview: technicals + fit... 2 years 7 months
Buy side interview@ixjunitxi, it's 2nd round Already went through 1st, I already had stock pitches ready just in case but I wasn't sure how it was done in report format 2 years 7 months
Buy side interview@captainkoolaid Thank you very much, that's very useful for getting a sense of the format; albeit a bit long lol 2 years 7 months
Buy side interviewShould I include news that involve the company, expansion, merger plans, etc For example: They have a lucrative deal coming up and they expect EPS to rise, something like that Since I am doing long short pair trades, I guess P/E is one of the key things to include to determine, what other... 2 years 7 months
Buy side interviewThey are reading from the room What kind of valuations should I include? I'm doing long short equity trades Thanks again guys! 2 years 7 months
Hedge Fund Interview[quote=yeahright][quote=c_2_q]I am a little weak regarding the current markets, so if anyone can give me a tldr of the market conditions, that would be great! Just something for me to look into and get familiar with[/quote] If Obama speaks it goes down. If he doesn't it goes up. And people think... 2 years 7 months