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Brussels agrees to banker bonus caps[quote=bengigi]All this will do is make the banks increase the base salaries, which means they will be in even more sh*t when things go bad...[/quote] Really though? From the bank's perspective, a comp scheme emphasizing bonus over base salary has a number of advantages. Most obvious is (i)... 6 3 years 2 months
anyone else catch this?It's the little things in life that keep you going, right? 5 4 years 3 months
Target Ivy, Junior SA; tear me a new asshole!****Update - 21 Sept: Got the full time offer. Thanks guys. **New draft: **See reply no. 11 for updated notes Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. A few notes detailing my perspective: I'm a junior applying... 16 3 years 7 months


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I think he means that they are looking to hire...I think he means that they are looking to hire analyst laterals from other banks. 26 10 months 1 week
The deal counts I cited are for M&A only. I...The deal counts I cited are for M&A only. I did this because M&A experience is typically what people aim for in an analyst experience. 5 10 months 1 week
Who has better deal flow? In either case, you...Who has better deal flow? In either case, you might consider trying to lateral after you start. My two cents, is that National Securities does a bit of co-manager equity work (which is really not going to give you much experience). Hovde may be FIG-oriented, but looking at league tables, I'm... 5 10 months 1 week
Not having seen the report, I would venture a...Not having seen the report, I would venture a guess that the analyst is assuming a certain trailing or forward-looking ROE, which yields a certain EPS, and thus a P/E multiple. Would be helpful to get more context. Also, check out this excellent report deriving / explaining valuation multiples.... 1 10 months 2 weeks
mrb87: david wilson123: Investors differ in...[quote="mrb87"] david wilson123: Investors differ in their willingness to accept risk for a greater return. But if investors are willing to invest in the stock market, then they are willing to assume some risk. The capital asset pricing model provides is a consistent means to price risk premiums.... 12 11 months 1 day
In my experience, the best way to understand how...In my experience, the best way to understand how investment banks work/are structured is to start with the concept that an investment bank is an intermediary of capital - it has two sides. One faces companies looking to raise capital, and the other faces investors looking to invest capital. In... 3 11 months 1 day
mikesswimn: Worry not @Sandhurst I can take...[quote=mikesswimn]Worry not @Sandhurst I can take constructive criticism. I don't expect everyone to like my style of writing. That being said, while your thoughts are appreciated (I'm always interested in improving as a writer), based on what you've said, I think your expectations of the piece... 55 2 years 4 months
Note: this isn't personal. I don't know you....Note: this isn't personal. I don't know you. But I do know fluff when I see it. I'm sort of at a loss here. What is this? You're all over the place. You echo the sentiment: "don't date other bankers, and definitely don't date bankers you work with." You continue, "in general, this is... 55 2 years 4 months
This isn't China. You aren't guilty until proven...This isn't China. You aren't guilty until proven innocent. I would be fairly confident that you will be fine. At most you will be asked to explain, and you will repeat what you just typed (although in more detail). 8 2 years 4 months
happyivey: Hi Sandhurst, What is the reputation...[quote=happyivey]Hi Sandhurst, What is the reputation of Allianz on the street? I know it is one of the largest asset managers in the world because of their great insurance business, but I am wondering how having a summer internship there compares with BB or other American AM firms such as... 6 2 years 4 months
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