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Brussels agrees to banker bonus caps[quote=bengigi]All this will do is make the banks increase the base salaries, which means they will be in even more sh*t when things go bad...[/quote] Really though? From the bank's perspective, a comp scheme emphasizing bonus over base salary has a number of advantages. Most obvious is (i)... 2 years 4 months
anyone else catch this?It's the little things in life that keep you going, right? 3 years 6 months
Target Ivy, Junior SA; tear me a new asshole!****Update - 21 Sept: Got the full time offer. Thanks guys. **New draft: **See reply no. 11 for updated notes Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. A few notes detailing my perspective: I'm a junior applying... 2 years 9 months


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Greentech Capital AdvisorsI think he means that they are looking to hire analyst laterals from other banks. 1 week 6 days
Choosing Between FirmsThe deal counts I cited are for M&A only. I did this because M&A experience is typically what people aim for in an analyst experience. 1 week 6 days
Choosing Between FirmsWho has better deal flow? In either case, you might consider trying to lateral after you start. My two cents, is that National Securities does a bit of co-manager equity work (which is really not going to give you much experience). Hovde may be FIG-oriented, but looking at league tables, I'm... 2 weeks 11 min
Can anyone share on ROE-adjusted P/E?Not having seen the report, I would venture a guess that the analyst is assuming a certain trailing or forward-looking ROE, which yields a certain EPS, and thus a P/E multiple. Would be helpful to get more context. Also, check out this excellent report deriving / explaining valuation multiples.... 3 weeks 2 days
Why is CAPM used to estimate Cost of Equity when...[quote="mrb87"] david wilson123: Investors differ in their willingness to accept risk for a greater return. But if investors are willing to invest in the stock market, then they are willing to assume some risk. The capital asset pricing model provides is a consistent means to price risk premiums.... 1 month 4 days
Confused about Investment Bank business structureIn my experience, the best way to understand how investment banks work/are structured is to start with the concept that an investment bank is an intermediary of capital - it has two sides. One faces companies looking to raise capital, and the other faces investors looking to invest capital. In... 1 month 4 days
Wall Street Relationships & You[quote=mikesswimn]Worry not @Sandhurst I can take constructive criticism. I don't expect everyone to like my style of writing. That being said, while your thoughts are appreciated (I'm always interested in improving as a writer), based on what you've said, I think your expectations of the piece... 1 year 6 months
Wall Street Relationships & YouNote: this isn't personal. I don't know you. But I do know fluff when I see it. I'm sort of at a loss here. What is this? You're all over the place. You echo the sentiment: "don't date other bankers, and definitely don't date bankers you work with." You continue, "in general, this is... 1 year 6 months
background check - potential issueThis isn't China. You aren't guilty until proven innocent. I would be fairly confident that you will be fine. At most you will be asked to explain, and you will repeat what you just typed (although in more detail). 1 year 6 months
Asset management divisions of investment banks[quote=happyivey]Hi Sandhurst, What is the reputation of Allianz on the street? I know it is one of the largest asset managers in the world because of their great insurance business, but I am wondering how having a summer internship there compares with BB or other American AM firms such as... 1 year 6 months