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Must Read Real Estate BooksHey ladies, I think we should get a reading list going since we finally have our own forum. I'm always looking for great RE books. 2 years 11 months
Gay Parents raise a genius 3 years 6 months


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Non-compete for RE Dev Associate?To me this is an indication that they're not a bright bunch. What are they scared of? You going to a rival shop and outperforming them? You starting your own firm and outperforming them? Do you think Hines cares if an analyst/associate leaves to another firm that will directly compete with them? No... 7 hours 52 min
repe technical questionsOP, how did the interview go? 1 day 9 hours
Acquisitions- Hired to be Fired?Junior guys in acquisitions are the first ones to go during a downturn. We're not in a downturn (at least not yet). So is this normal? Not sure. Am I surprised? Not really. People in RE are shady - as I'm sure you're learning. If I were you, I would start questioning your firm's senior management.... 2 days 9 hours
Best Property Type"Owners of sexy buildings get bent over the least in bad times"? That's assuming the building is stabilized and you didn't overpay. Does the GM building ring a bell? If not, it seems like you need to read up on Mr. Macklowe. Best asset in America (if not the world) screwed him over. Ever wonder... 1 week 3 days
Why so few black analysts/associates?So you're against affirmative action and believe "the black community has gotten what it deserves." Explain this to me then. When a newborn comes to this world, do they ask to be a part of this community? No. They grow up in a household/community who may have voted for these elected officials, but... 1 week 4 days
Building a model from an OMImpossible to model a complex office, retail or industrial deal in excel. Single tenant? Definitely. Just remember that the more leases/tenants/amendments, the messier the modeling gets. Modeling MG leases would be a nightmare. Even for an off market deal, you have the essentials (rent roll,... 2 weeks 1 day
REPE Interview Help: Modeling and PeriodicalsI suggest you pitch a product type in a particular region (or submarket if they're local players). You want your answer to align with their investment strategy. It gives them the impression that you're passionate about their style of investment and will not bolt as soon as better opportunity comes... 3 weeks 12 hours
UNC KF or NYU MBA?The real question is where do you want to settle. Seriously. If you're set on the northeast, then go to NYU. If you're set on any state below the Mason Dixon, go the UNC. $100K is a $100K. Time for you to think long term on this one. Btw, you say you want to do IBD before you switch to the sell-... 4 weeks 1 day
Difference between REPE & RE Investment...REPE firms target risky investments and sell them as soon as they're done for the most part (generate higher returns). They injects capital to address the needs and profit after selling. Investment managers target safe investments (i.e. stable office buildings in gateway markets) and hold on to... 4 weeks 1 day
Advice Needed! Moving from Miami Investment Sales...This is terrible advice. You can't tell someone to quit their job, move to NYC, and pray that someone will give him a job. You're encouraging him to sit on a huge pile of debt. Rent is expensive. Food is expensive. Drinks are expensive. Transportation isn't that cheap. Entertainment? Clothes?... 1 month 1 week