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Undoing/Retrieving Silver Bananas?Is there an option for this? I meant to give someone an SB, but clicked on somebody else's post by mistake... 2 years 4 months
Is this BlackRock job middle office?Description below: -------------------------- -------------------------- INVESTMENTS - PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT INTERN The Investments Group is the core of BlackRock''s premier, global investment management expertise. As an intern on the team, your responsibilities may include: - Support in... 2 years 4 months
Please Critique my ResumeI'm hoping for an analyst role in a BB investment bank in Asia-Pacific (Singapore or Hong Kong). Most likely for Investment Banking, but I'll also apply to ER and Sales (but not Trading). Is this resume good enough to get me that first phone interview? A few additional questions: 1) Is it... 2 years 4 months
Best way to get protein?There's probably a fitness forum somewhere which is more suitable for this question, but I figure there are a bunch of gym rats who know about nutrition on this board, so here goes: What single food has the most protein per gram of carb+fat? Essentially, I'm trying to find what's, in one way,... 2 years 11 months
What do equity research interns do?Did any of you guys intern (as an undergrad) in equity research at a bulge-bracket firm (or any firm with an equity research internship program, actually)? What did you get to do during your internship? I ask because I’m an equity research intern right now, but at a small firm with no structured... 2 years 11 months
Putting my name on my ResumeI'm thinking of putting my name down on my resume as 'L. James Merton' (the 'L' stands for a name that gives away something about my background that might not be conducive to getting an interview). However, most people who have these kinds of names (e.g. J. Edgar Hoover, L. Ron Hubbard) are... 3 years 3 months
Intern at Northwestern Mutual Financial NetworkI have the opportunity to be a Financial Representative intern during the academic year at the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. But what does a Financial Representative at the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network do? Is it a position which can add experience to my resume for IB recruiting? 3 years 5 months
Sophomore Resume - Please Critique!I'm a sophomore attending a target school. I'm applying to sophomore IBD programs at BBs, but also to local boutique IBs and also PWM 2 years 4 months
What software do you need to know how to use?What kinds of software do you need to know if you're working in an industry coverage group in IBD? I thought it was mainly Excel, but I've seen a bunch of people's resumes which state they know stuff like VBA, MatLab, Stata, C++ etc. If you could, please describe what the software does, and... 3 years 7 months
Is your transcript important?When looking at prospective IBD internship applicants, do recruiters/first-year analysts look at your transcript? Or do they just get your GPA from your resume? If they do look at the transcript, do they look at it in detail? Do they look at which courses you took and when you took them, or do... 3 years 7 months


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JPMorgan Private Bank - Compensation Ladder.... 8 months 6 days
2013 RankingsGood stuff; it's rare that somebody doesn't get flamed for these! 1 year 5 months
AMA: Credit hedge fund analyst at MF, former BB...Great stuff, thanks! 1 year 5 months
Corporate Development: Personal Experience &...Terrific post, thanks! 1 year 5 months
what does it mean when a firm tells you to update...If you've received an invitation to superday, they're obviously interested in you. If you receive another offer, they might try and interview you before said offer explodes. Don't know how often this happens though; I'd assume they have quite a few other candidates who might be qualifies and may... 1 year 5 months
All pitching, no live deals; how to describe in...[quote=Whiskey5]what makes you think you are qualified to do anything else?[/quote] Does my post make it sound like I thought I was qualified for more? If it does, my mistake. It's just that all my friends who interned at BBs did some live deal work, so their resume bullets go something like: "... 1 year 9 months
Physical Oil Trading Basics (Part 1 of 2)Great stuff! 2 years 3 months
Best Strategy applying for jobs in another country[quote=whynot123]^ a) "In submitting my application, I declare that all of the information given herein is complete and true to the best of my knowledge and belief." b) That just makes you sound like a fucking moron who doesn't know how to fill out a form.[/quote] Sure. But with your... 2 years 3 months
The Best Sources of Financial News &...Awesome stuff gents 2 years 3 months
Why is GPA so important in finance?[quote=n1cktm] The problem with HS GPA/SATS is that people reach intellectual maturity at different levels and you have to also factor in personal situation...You also see opposite cases of very exceptional middle school/HS students who were valedictiorians, excellent stats, club leadership end... 2 years 3 months