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High turnover/stress at multi-manager platforms?Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any insight into the culture at multi-manager shops like Balyasny or Citadel. I get the impression that these are highly stressed environments with lots of staff turnover. If you're an analyst at one of these places and your PM gets the chop after a few... 3 1 year 1 month
HF to PE through Lev the grass always...Hello chaps, I am currently working for an event driven HF in London with a focus on HY/distressed credit. Although I enjoy the day to day work I dislike the short-term investment focus of the industry and the whole concept of trying to 'time the market' by jumping in and out of names. I realise... 2 1 year 1 month
Landed the dream job but not happyHi guys, looking for some advice here. About 2 years ago I landed the "dream job" at an event driven hedge fund in London. I did the standard 2 year IB stint at a European BB and am a CFA charter-holder. The fund has c10bn AUM and focuses on merger arb and opportunistic equity and credit... 5 1 year 2 months
Advice for new FT recruits - tale of cautionMy company runs a graduate scheme where we take on 15/20 graduates a year with 3/4 of those working in my department. I came through this scheme myself and so I like to check in on the most recent cohort of grads to see how they are doing and offer any advice I think might be of help to them. Last... 44 2 years 11 months
resigning from job need adviceI've recently been offered a job and have just found out that I have cleared all pre-employment background checks. The company would like me to start in 4 weeks time (I have a 4 week notice period). The issue is that my boss has just left for a 2 week holiday. Ideally I would like to resign in... 3 3 years 1 week
Salary negotiation adviceHi guys, I've recently been offered a job at a credit hedge fund in London. The fund has 10bn AUM and c60 employees globally. The strategy is fundamentally driven, looking for bonds trading at 70/80 across the corporate credit space. I'm coming from a non-IB position (think research but not... 1 3 years 3 weeks
Career decision - need help/adviceHi guys, I am looking for some help/advice with my career. I am a corporate credit analyst at one of the ratings agencies with 2 years experience and CFA level 2 completed in June 2012. I'm based in the UK in London and went to a complete non-target UK school. My dream job is buy-side... 2 3 years 5 months
Stigma of changing jobs oftenHi guys, I graduated from a masters program in the UK and took a job with one of the big 4. I took this job because it was all I could get at the time and the program included CFA sponsorship. My dream job has always been equity research. After passing level 1 and with one years experience I... 16 3 years 7 months
Lunch with Fund ManagerHi guys, A few weeks ago I sent my CV and a sample equity research report to a fund manager at a fund I would really like to work at. I asked him if I could meet up with him for a quick drink and a chat about how he got into the industry. Today I received an email from him asking if I would like... 6 3 years 8 months
Advice needed - independent ER shop vs bigger...Hi guys, I have been offered an interview at an independent sell-side ER shop. I currently work at a ratings agency and really want to break into ER so I am quite excited about this opportunity. What are the exit ops like from an independent shop relative to a BB with a brokerage unit? I... 2 3 years 8 months


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You don't pay tens of thousands of pounds to...You don't pay tens of thousands of pounds to subsidise a bunch of idiot football players and sports programs either in the uk. But in the downside no frat culture 5 2 years 8 months
Your analysis will depend on whether or not you...Your analysis will depend on whether or not you hold bonds to maturity or buy and sell before that. Bonds have contractual coupons so you know the cash flows in advance. If you buy and hold your concern is can this company generate sufficient cash from operations to service it's debt? This involves... 9 2 years 10 months
Rask has been unbelievable in net for the bruins...Rask has been unbelievable in net for the bruins, will be tough to beat but I hope this goes to 7 games 13 2 years 10 months
There is a price discount based on the...There is a price discount based on the probability of the deal going through, that is where the money is made. 13 2 years 11 months
Level III tomorrow in London, can't wait to roll...Level III tomorrow in London, can't wait to roll into the closest pub come 5:30pm! Best of luck to you all, may the force be with you. 43 2 years 11 months
Generally how long does it take to get from a...Generally how long does it take to get from a blank excel sheet to a full 3 statement operating model for a bog standard non financial company? I find laying out the historic spreads takes ages. Do you guys model out every line item or do you aggregate line items to make things easier? 14 2 years 11 months
Start by asking how much you will need in 5 years...Start by asking how much you will need in 5 years time and how much you have today. Then you can back out various rates of return to get from point A to B assuming different levels of contributions. Once you have a rough idea on the desired return you need you can start to think about various asset... 23 2 years 11 months
You should know where various spread levels are...You should know where various spread levels are trading, for example, where does the BBB space trade, 200bps, etc. Also have a view on whether or not we are in a bond bubble and if you think spreads are too tight. In so far as technicals I would imagine they would ask you about how you look at... 3 2 years 11 months
I would guess that companies that issue...I would guess that companies that issue convertibles want equity credit and are hoping for the issuance not to be treated fully as debt by the ratings agencies o runder GAAP/IFRS. 6 2 years 11 months
I recently accepted a job with a HF and part of...I recently accepted a job with a HF and part of the reason why I was offered the job was due to my personal investing, which to the firm showed that I was actually interested in the markets on a personal level. I actually put a screen shot from my online broker of my portfolio holdings at the back... 8 2 years 11 months
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