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Leaving a job soon after being hired for other...I accepted an offer to work for a consulting firm back in early March, but have been involved in other interview processes that have been taking extremely long. It seems that I've actually been in the mix for the other roles this whole time (limited feedback) and, just to have a heads up, I was... 5 1 year 11 months
Finance & Strategy within IM / Big 4 Does anyone have first hand experience what a strategy analyst would within an investment management firm? I know it's more along the lines of reporting and benchmarking, with analysis of potential strategic initiatives, but I was hoping to get more information and see if anyone has personal or... 3 1 year 11 months
Data/Analytics Consulting Exit Opps?So I recently accepted an offer to jump over into the consulting industry, with a smaller firm that focuses on data and analytics consulting for F500 companies. I am pretty excited about the position and the potential skills that I will obtain, but was just curious as to what I could look forward... 12 2 years 2 months
Omnicom/Publicis MergerSo these two advertising giants just announced the merger this past weekend to create a $35+bn company, making it the largest in the industry. Moelis advised for Omnicom and Rothschild advised for Publicis. Anyone have any idea what those fee structures would be like? I'm not in IB, but I... 11 2 years 9 months
What Perks Does Your Firm Offer?I just started a new analyst position about 2 months ago and found myself getting pretty spoiled when it comes to free stuff and perks that I am offered. Our team gets free breakfast sandwiches in the morning, lunch catered by a different restaurant everyday, free use of full gym/locker rooms,... 21 3 years 3 weeks
Fairfield County Roommate?I was lucky enough to land a spot during off-cycle recruiting and will be relocating to the Fairfield County region in CT. Moving by myself and wanted to see if anyone needed a roommate or was looking to get a place anytime soon. PM me if you have any more questions. Thanks. 3 years 2 months
Relocation Bonus?If a firm offers you a position and knows you're in a different state and that you would have quit your current role, get out of an apartment lease, move your stuff to the new location, and find a new apartment prior to starting, how likely are they to be willing to provide some sort of relocation/... 7 3 years 2 months
Meridian Capital Group: culture, pay, interview...Does anyone have any information regarding this company? What the culture is like, pay, interview questions? Any info would help as I couldn't find much information on the search/web. Thanks a lot. 4 11 months 2 weeks
Non Target sub 3.0 -> BO -> FT Analyst....I'm not really sure how to start this post, but I'm really only posting as motivation and inspiration to all the non target kids out there who are worried about GPA, ECs, etc. This story will be a long one, but I want to give as much detail as possible, because I have been through so much and want... 40 3 years 4 months
Working FT IB While Waiting for FT IB Analyst?I'm not a traditional student hire, so I was sort of confused on what goes on in this situation, because I can't just focus on getting good grades. If you were given an offer as an IB analyst to start in the summer of the next year, but are also given an offer for a position at an IB (not... 1 3 years 6 months


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It all depends on your targets. Are they BB, MM,...It all depends on your targets. Are they BB, MM, etc? You need to research the firms before you just shoot out calls and emails. Like the first response said, if they have structured internship programs, then you're not going to accomplish anything by cold calling them. Focus on regional firms and... 211 3 weeks 6 days
Wearing the same one is fine. Switch up the shirt...Wearing the same one is fine. Switch up the shirt/tie combo though. Most people have multiple suits of the same color, so they won't even think about it. 11 1 year 6 months
Congrats man. Show them they made the right...Congrats man. Show them they made the right choice. 33 1 year 7 months
Stay a member, but distance yourself from the...Stay a member, but distance yourself from the bullshit. Have a backbone and stand up to the idiots that are running the fraternity. 24 1 year 8 months
Instead of recent, you could say I am a 2013...Instead of recent, you could say I am a 2013 graduate..? That's pretty clear in my eyes. 3 1 year 8 months
I'm assuming you haven't interviewed for very...I'm assuming you haven't interviewed for very many jobs up to this point. I've never had anyone respond to a thank you email and for responses, 1 week is pretty quick in terms of a timeline. They have other stuff on their plate; you're not the only party involved. Just relax, you'll hear either way. 17 1 year 8 months 18 1 year 10 months
Honestly, there is always room in the budget for...Honestly, there is always room in the budget for a few extra grand. They most likely want to see how you pan out after a certain period of time. I was in the same situation as this previously. They were firm on an offer that I knew was lower than the market as well as lower than what I felt I was... 7 1 year 10 months
Whether you're referred, or not, if you're...Whether you're referred, or not, if you're qualified for the job, you will get an interview. If you aren't, then they won't even bother with an interview invite. 20 1 year 11 months
It can range from the day after you apply to not...It can range from the day after you apply to not getting one at all, even after the job is closed. You can either follow up directly or keep waiting and checking the status page. 6 1 year 11 months
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