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Q&A with Healthcare Investment Banker@davnu is an IB associate and former healthcare consultant. The following is a Q... 1 year 4 months
Using a recruiter during B School?I'm starting a full-time MBA next year and someone referred me to a recruiter that looks to place people in my desired post-MBA field of healthcare consulting. After mentioning that I am not interested in new roles at the moment since I'll be going back to school next fall the recruiter mentioned... 1 year 6 months
New Program - University of Michigan Ross Master...Just noticed this on the Ross School of Business website. 10 month program for non-business students with little to no work experience. Application should be up August 1, 2013 and tuition is $41,000 In-State / $46,000 Out-of-State. Note: "The Ross Master of Management is offered as a full-time... 1 year 11 months
Anyone work in healthcare high finance?I'm the administrator for the Healthcare group here on WSO and have some group members interested in breaking into healthcare focused IB, PE, VC, or asset management shops. I come from a consulting and industry background, however, so I don't have much to contribute in this regard. Anyone in... 1 year 12 months


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Mbb from Ross mbaTuck has a great track record with MBB but you can absolutely get there with Ross too. MBB all come on campus to recruit and plenty of people go full time. Current Ross MBA1 6 months 1 week
Should I try for MBA?GPA is low but you have a math degree and come from a disadvantaged background. What has your work experience in HR at UCLA been like? Should have stories of leadership and have succeeded in your role relative to peers. Couple that with a strong story for why you need an MBA, a 700+ GMAT, and... 10 months 3 weeks
AMA - Corporate Strategy at a F500 companyThanks for the AMA! Very interested in corporate strategy post-MBA. Two additional questions: 1) Do you feel like you missed anything by not having consulting experience before moving into your area? 2) Does your group use case interviews, behavioral/fit, or a combination when recruiting? 10 months 4 weeks
Healthcare Consulting - Is MBA "Prestige...See if you can take a leave of absence from your current MBA and network hard / crush it at your FA role for 2 years (assuming they don't require the MBA be completed before you start work). Then reevaluate. If you still want to go for consulting you can apply for some firms and may be able to get... 11 months 1 week
Healthcare consulting salary + sign on bonusPM'd you @"ventjock" 1 year 1 month
Q&A with Healthcare Investment BankerGlad you liked it! Not sure if @davnu is still around to answer questions but bumping for safe measure 1 year 3 months
Thoughts on ObamacareI work for a large payer and personally am in favor of Obamacare simply because it's a step forward in healthcare reform. The current system is not sustainable. There's a ton of stupid stuff included in the provisions and the implementation was a complete failure but it's not enough to take it... 1 year 4 months
MBA specializing in healthcare managementA lot of generic questions here but you're a freshman so you deserve some slack. Aside from enjoying college, the only thing you should worry about is whether you want to be a clinician or work in business. No need to minor in biology to work in the healthcare industry on the business side. Also,... 1 year 4 months
2013-2014 B-School Application Cycle ThreadAgree with hamm0. I sent a thank you note to everyone I interacted with. In some cases I ended up gaining additional insight from current students and have been put in touch with others. Worst case you won't get a response but it can't hurt. 1 year 5 months
Ask me anything: Project Leader/Engagement...Thanks for doing this! I'll be joining a top 10-15 range MBA next fall and this has been a really insightful thread. 1. To what extent do you look at gmat scores in post-MBA hires? Is it pretty much 700+ to check the box or does it get more granular? 2. Does your MBB allow new hires to... 1 year 6 months