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2 offers - Please help to decideHello, I have received 2 offers and would appreciate your thoughts as I evaluate and decide on one. My background: 10+ years of IT and management consulting (strategy and M... 4 months 1 day
Thoughts on North Highland's new Strategy...Hello, North Highland has started a new Strategy division early this year. None of their leadership's background is from MBB or Tier 2 firms but they seem accomplished on strategy experience from other firms (few come from Accenture). They focus on margin optimization, M... 4 months 2 weeks
EY TAS (OTS) to Parthenon-EYHello, If someone is working in EY's Transactions Advisory Services (TAS)' Operational Transaction Services (OTS) practice, would it be possible for that person to transfer to Parthenon-EY? They are housed under TAS so at least its the same group but I understand that they are strategy focused... 8 months 3 weeks
Any Innovative ideas during informational...We all have done informational interviews where we learn about other person's experience, firm, and industry while trying to create a good relationship which will hopefully turn into a referral. Depending on the seniority of that person, that referral may not materialize. For example,... 11 months 3 weeks
Good opportunity to enter MBB later?Hello, I have an MBA and have been in consulting for 10+ years with a focus on IT and management consulting. While I am in the process of applying to MBB and tier 2, I was recently approached by my client for a potential opportunity which is very different than what I was aiming for. I am... 1 year 4 months
BD opportunity in PEHello, One of the head hunters contacted me for a BD associate opportunity in a small regional PE shop. I have background in technology and management consulting and also have an MBA. I actually have never seriously thought of working in PE before since I am focused in management consulting.... 1 year 5 months
Informational Chat with Partner at MBB - Need...Hello, I have an upcoming informational interview/chat with a partner in MBB who is an alumni of my alma mater. I have never spoken to partners before in my informational interviews. What type of questions would you ask a partner and how should I make this conversation valuable and different... 1 year 5 months
ZS Associates - Post-MBA CompensationCan someone please shed some light on the compensation package that ZS offers to folks who have just completed their MBA? managementconsulted doesn't have ZS salary for first year out of MBA (checked 2014 and 2013 threads). I can see the average from Glassdoor but it's a wide range. Would... 1 year 10 months
Panel Case Interview - TipsHas anyone gone through a panel interview where you had to read the business case and prepare slides within 30 minutes or so and then answer questions that interviewers pose? If so, can you please provide some suggestions and advice that worked for you? Is there a particular order in how you... 1 year 10 months
Unstructured case interviewI can't believe I am asking this question. Does "unstructured case interview" mean BCG/Bain type case or when interviewer flips few slides to show exhibits and ask candidate to draw insights and do calculations? 1 year 10 months


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Mine was more qualitative but in FS, you could...Mine was more qualitative but in FS, you could have quantitative as well. From what I have heard, S&O cases are not as hard as MBB. If you can handle MBB cases in your practice, you should be fine. 3 months 3 weeks
Network or do an MBANetwork or do an MBA 3 months 3 weeks
That is correct. Going into PwC MC would give...That is correct. Going into PwC MC would give you the management consulting branding. Once you are in MC, kick ass on your projects and start building your network. Network with folks in Strategy... 3 months 3 weeks
Thank you everyone. I have more information on...Thank you everyone. I have more information on both offers so will evaluate this weekend while taking your perspectives into consideration and make a decision next week. 3 months 4 weeks
- Network to build your own network - Manage...- Network to build your own network - Manage projects effectively (on time, budget and proper risk management) - Develop your team members and earn their respect - Develop your counselee - Assist in firm and practice-building initiatives These should set you up for success. Easier said than... 4 months 1 day
@Skywalker, if you are interviewing for an...@Skywalker, if you are interviewing for an industry-specific role, chances are that you will receive a case from that industry. Happened to me. 4 months 1 day
Congratulations. What is your background?Congratulations. What is your background? 4 months 1 week
It will typically involve travel but your office...It will typically involve travel but your office location will become a factor. For example, if you are based out of NYC, there is a high chance that you will be staffed locally or around NJ/CT. If you are based out of Iowa, you will travel to other locations. Again, this is based on my... 4 months 1 week
You are allowed to use paper to write down the...You are allowed to use paper to write down the process before plugging in the numbers. In fact, you should use a paper. Write down your approach first and explain it before you plug the numbers. 4 months 3 weeks
Send an email to HR as a follow-up. If you don't...Send an email to HR as a follow-up. If you don't hear back, engage the help of SM. 4 months 4 weeks
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