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Blackstone GSO InterviewFirst year analyst at a HF specialised in debt, out of school in London 9 months 2 days
VitacostWhat are everyone's views on this company? 1 year 9 months
Hedge Fund H1B VisaDoes anybody know what the situation is for funds bringing over European analysts over to the US (starting analysts). HR encourage us to go through the process yet how many of these will actually give an offer and sponsor an international vs. people in the US? Think about larger names so BWater... 1 year 10 months
GLG PartnersThoughts on them? Have first round coming up for FT in London, for macro hopefully. Read up a few things on Glassdoor but not much more out there so any help would be great. Background: Summers in M&A at a BB and a $20bn+ long/short hedge fund. 1 year 11 months
Can the Federal Reserve invest in off-shore...I.e. Provide financing? Or is this usually done by the Treasury? Looked across the net and haven't found anything useful, so just curious if this happens or not. 1 year 11 months
Advice...Hey guys so a little back up, background in M... 2 years 3 months
'All Weather' Fund Is Getting Spanked"The Bridgewater All Weather Fund is down roughly 6 percent through this month and down 8 percent for the year, said two people familiar with the fund's performance." (...) "Bridgewater created a portfolio based on two of the four basic economic scenarios: rising growth, falling growth,... 2 years 5 months
Game of Thrones vs. Lost?So, as a continuation to this thread: Only have time for 1 show, recently finished watching Breaking Bad. Really liked it, especially the last 2 seasons. Regarding GoT vs. Lost, will probably end up watching both but out of... 2 years 5 months
Why do women get to keep the house?As stated in another thread, I recently started watching Breaking Bad. Been on a marathon and recently started the third season, where (SPOILER ALERT) Walt gets ''kicked'' out of the house by his wife. This is very common. Any of you older monkeys care to explain why these things happen if we... 2 years 5 months
Breaking Bad vs. Game of Thrones?Only have time for 1 show, recently finished watching The Walking Dead. Will probably end up watching both but out of the 2, which one would you recommend, monkeys? 2 years 5 months


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4-5x senior with 5-6x tops structure. Obviously...4-5x senior with 5-6x tops structure. Obviously depends on business/industry but along those lines. Minimum 1.4x FCCR at launch as well. 1 day 8 hours
Lol clearly works at MS (Monkey SHIT).Lol clearly works at MS (Monkey SHIT). 2 months 3 weeks
OP, go get laid.OP, go get laid. 3 months 13 hours
Mainly because MS LevFin sucks and the nature of...Mainly because MS LevFin sucks and the nature of the work in pure M&A is the most boring thing you can ever imagine. 3 months 2 weeks
I'm assuming you're referring to MS, if so, I'd...I'm assuming you're referring to MS, if so, I'd go down the route of being a dd desk analyst vs. IBD. 3 months 2 weeks
Is this a question?Is this a question? 3 months 2 weeks
Within LevFin you mean?Within LevFin you mean? 3 months 3 weeks
You'll be fine. Trust me.You'll be fine. Trust me. 6 months 1 week
I'd be in.I'd be in. 6 months 2 weeks
Bit random but... you looking at Isolux?Bit random but... you looking at Isolux? 6 months 2 weeks
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