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Analyst Bonus NumbersAlright, so what are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year Analysts making in bonus this year? This posting is for CONFIRMED bonus numbers only, not rumors. Please specify whether you are posting a "top" number or "median" number. 8 years 3 days
2006 Compensation DiscussionWhile we wait for the 2006 bonus compensation database to be posted shortly, what is the general consensus for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year analyst bonus numbers for this year? Please post only confirmed numbers, not rumors. How does this compare to associate compensation received earlier this year... 8 years 11 months


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Associate Bonuses - 2015So what are bases for Associate0's, A1's, A2's and A3's for 2015? $140, 150, 175, 200K? Signing bonus for A0 in the $40-60K range? Stub for A0? BB's have stepped up bases but curious if the MM's have as well. Thanks 1 month 3 weeks
End of Internship - Thank You GiftsAre you serious?? You are buying gift baskets to try and get job. Why don't you knit them a nice blanket and a sweater while you're at it. Don't forget to wear your lipstick when you give it to them. 5 years 10 months
After such a shitty year - Expected bonuses?I am hearing most of the BB banks will pay around 20% less than last year. Last year was 90-100, 110-120, 130-140 for top rated 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years - depending on group and firm performance. This year at BofA a 20% discount would put us at around 70, 90, 110. I've also heard that these... 7 years 1 week
2006 Comp DatabaseAre you going to make the spreadsheet or table available to view the various data points? (i.e.-similar to the 2005 data) Is it possible to break out the total comp graph by BB bank vs. boutique? (The data doesn't make sense right now - $60K difference between 2nd and 3rd years?) Last, I... 8 years 11 months
2006 Compensation DiscussionAnyone know how second and third year bonuses were this year? Not the top 80/100/120 numbers, but actual numbers analysts received. 8 years 11 months
Ideas to spend your bonus?Night out on the town. 8 years 11 months
LucitesNo one really cares. Keep it on your desk. 8 years 11 months