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Best Value Investing Books Not Available in PDFI'm going on a shopping spree on Amazon right now and am trying to get all the great value investing books not available in PDF form on google. So far I've got: One Up On Wall Street Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders (1965-2013) Fooling Some of the People All of the Time Common... 8 1 year 8 months
Technical Analysis and Value InvestingI've heard Warren Buffett call technical analysis completely useless, so I guess that is a good enough reason to dismiss it if you are a value investor. But are there a decent amount of value investors out there who use fundamental analysis to make investment decisions, and then use technical... 3 1 year 8 months
BC Carroll+CFA= Real DealI see in past threads on here BC's MBA program ranks in the semi-target territory. I just did a LinkedIn search for BC MBA+CFA and ~90% of the people on the first few pages have ER or buy side jobs (mostly at mutual funds). I'm taking this as a sign that BC MBA+CFA is a pretty legit combo for... 8 1 year 8 months
Corporate Credit Risk AnalysisI've learned from this forum that a credit risk analyst is back office, whereas a credit analyst is front office and allows for a somewhat smooth transition to equity research/buyside Fixed Income shops. My question for you guys is, do you think a corporate credit risk analysis course would teach... 1 1 year 8 months
GRE vs. GMAT Apparently you can get into top business schools with ~70th percentile GRE scores as opposed to ~90th percentile GMAT scores. Anyone know why this is, or if we can expect this trend to continue? 21 1 year 9 months
Cold Emails During Earnings SeasonI realize it's never ideal to email ER/HF/AM people during earnings season. My question for you guys is, would you say it is more along the lines of a 20% lower response rate, or more along the lines of "is this kid fucking retarded?" 7 1 year 9 months
No Offer, But Keep In TouchWhen someone interviews you and you don't get an offer, does it actually mean something when they say something along the lines of keep in touch, we'll revisit this idea next year, we're here for you for career or educational consultations, mock interviews, etc? Or is that just something nice they... 3 1 year 10 months
Emerging Markets Focused HF InterviewI have an interview with an emerging markets focused HF coming up (undergrad intern). Any tips on things I should know specifically for an emerging markets focused fund? I don't really have any experience in the space and plan on pitching a US listed stock. 1 year 11 months
HELP! Finance Professor Is DelusionalI'm going over my midterm for finals and I'm pretty sure my finance Professor has the wrong answers for two problems. He's not exactly the type of person you can have a rational conversation with, so I figure I'd ask here to see if I'm right before I challenge my grade with the department. SB's... 12 1 year 11 months
Learn How to Speed Read Just found that link and thought it was pretty useful for a free website. 1 year 11 months


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If there is a God. Let this story be true.If there is a God. Let this story be true. 130 4 months 3 weeks
JrMistMaker: My idea of a good time would have...[quote=JrMistMaker]My idea of a good time would have been to rent out a house deep in the woods and just get weird but that isn't happening....... Alcohol should be involved, strip clubs/strippers/prostitutes should not.[/quote] That would have been one hell of a Bachelor party. Seriously, how... 123 1 year 3 months
.. 8 1 year 8 months
When I'm having a tough time deciding on a RB, I...When I'm having a tough time deciding on a RB, I always go with the guy that's younger. 29 is towards the end of an RB's career and you never know when these guys might fall off a cliff. My vote is for Charles. 6 1 year 8 months
How do people out there not max out their 401k...How do people out there not max out their 401k match? It's leaving free money on the table! 61 1 year 8 months
One of my Professors has a CPA/CFA/top tier MBA....One of my Professors has a CPA/CFA/top tier MBA. He's head of fundamental research at a HF and says the CPA helps a lot. Not sure if that applies to most other funds though. 8 1 year 8 months
I'd have to go with Florida. If I'm going to live...I'd have to go with Florida. If I'm going to live in bumblefuck land, I definitely need tropical beaches. I'm not talking Miami, Boca, Naples, etc. that are full of rich Northerners. I'm talking about like Pensacola or Panama City. 110 1 year 8 months
What do people at a passively managed fund do...What do people at a passively managed fund do exactly? It seems like mirroring a fund to track the S... 94 1 year 8 months
@"shorttheworld" I'm referring strictly to MBA...@"shorttheworld" I'm referring strictly to MBA program. I set the school to "Boston College - Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management" and the entire first page of results is BC MBA alumni. I'm guessing BC finance majors just list "Boston College?" @"krazyk" I was sort of under the... 8 1 year 8 months
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