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Credit Suisse first round?I had a first round skype interview with Credit Suisse for ER last Wednesday and have not heard back, has anyone heard from them? How long does turnaround take for ER interviews? 4 2 years 4 months
Citi, BAML SA deadlines? when are they? I cannot find them on either company's website. 8 2 years 5 months
JP Morgan SAT ScoresJP Morgan's online SA applications requires you input SAT scores, however, I dont have SAT scores as I went to school in the midwest and there's no section for an ACT score. any suggestions? 7 2 years 6 months
Work Experience ChecksWondering on what all of your understanding is when it comes to banks (SA positions) looking into your work history. I have boutique IB experience and have embellished a couple of bullet points on my resume (as we all have), not lied, but I'm not sure of the extent my employer would back me up... 7 2 years 6 months
IB--financing group?Hi, I have a contact at a top BB that's an MD in the companys financing group within investment banking. I know very little about him besides having his contact info from a friend and he doesn't have a Linkedin page so I can't find more specifics about him. Anyone know where I can read up on what "... 1 2 years 9 months
Sophomore-Boutique IB or boutique PE?Hi, I'm a sophomore at a semi target looking to get a SA role next summer at a BB. This summer I am very likely to get offers at both a boutique IB and a small PE firm. I was wondering if there is really any difference in how this looks on a resume for someone looking to get into IB. Of course the... 21 3 years 1 month
Mortgage payment--balloon payment value?I know its taboo to ask "homework" questions here but I've struggled with this for an hour and know I'm just doing a small thing wrong. can anyone help me solve this? 1. You would like to buy a house that costs $350,000. You have $50,000 in cash that you can put down on the house, but you need... 5 3 years 3 months
Federal Reserve Internship?Anyone know anything about interning at one of the federal reserve banks over the summer? I may apply because it sounds like an interesting gig. Its either that or probably a no name boutique, which would look better for IB? I will be a junior this fall. The application requires 2 professor... 13 3 years 3 months
Long term follow up: awkward?Hi all, I haven't posted for quite some time but I've been very busy with school. I'm a sophomore looking for an internship next summer at a boutique IB and have a question for the networking ninjas. Over the summer, I networked and called pretty much every small or MM IB in both my home... 12 3 years 4 months
MM as sophomoreI had a similar thread to this one but couldnt find it so Im posting a new one. is it possible for a sophomore to get a MM IB internship with a decent amount of networking. in particular i'm thinking of a lower MM firm, their IB is headquartered where I go to school, i'm sure they do OCR but the... 2 3 years 7 months


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Black Jack: You are clearly doing something...[quote=Black Jack]You are clearly doing something wrong or aren't as likable as you think you are. No point in asking why you aren't getting superdays only do dismiss every possible suggesting offered up by contributors on here. In most cases people aren't able to pick up on their own social... 19 2 years 4 months
broadstbully: I have a skype w/ CS IBD on Thurs...[quote=broadstbully]I have a skype w/ CS IBD on Thurs.. who did the skype? HR?[/quote] No, first year analyst. anyone heard back for ER? and this is for NYC. 4 2 years 4 months
dootfruit: CFACandidateLevel1: For FT or SA?...[quote=dootfruit] CFACandidateLevel1: For FT or SA? Thread title: Citi, BAML SA deadlines Better brush up on that "attention to detail" champ. OP, this is what I found for BAML "Intern Recruiting: September-November (for some programs); January-March We are currently accepting Intern... 8 2 years 5 months
thanks. I forgot HR are the ones doing the checks...thanks. I forgot HR are the ones doing the checks, not actual bankers. 7 2 years 6 months
monkeyleverage: Haha this is funny, I just got...[quote=monkeyleverage]Haha this is funny, I just got a response from a VP who said I was very "unprofessional". Should I just ignore him? I mean even if I send an apology letter it's not like it's gonna change anything right? LOL[/quote] I don't really see what is funny about instantaneously,... 26 2 years 7 months
OnlyGWBushesAndHicksComeFromTexas: And do you...[quote=OnlyGWBushesAndHicksComeFromTexas]And do you identify with this one: "Texas? Only W. Bush's and hicks come from Texas Private Cowboy! And you sure don't look like too much of a W. Bush to me so that kind of narrows it down." To get back to your request for work in Paradise, nobody would... 61 2 years 7 months
where can I read about the deals that the...where can I read about the deals that the specific banks/groups in Houston are working on? I'm having a hard time finding news about which banks are doing what instead of general industry news--fuelfix and OGJ have not been much help. 8 2 years 7 months
TylerB: SirTradesaLot: Take_It_To_The_Bank:...[quote=TylerB] SirTradesaLot: Take_It_To_The_Bank: People here like to exaggerate cost of living in NY. It's high, but 250k is still a shitload of money. It's most definitely not a shitload. 250k is always a shitload, but when its not, your on wallstreetoasis, where we all ceo 10k a... 49 2 years 8 months
250k, what do you mean by that figure? net worth...250k, what do you mean by that figure? net worth? yearly income? cash in a bank account? because its nowhere close to rich for any of those 3 categories. 49 2 years 8 months
how do you guys manage to stay in touch with do you guys manage to stay in touch with high school and college buddies when you work all over the country? i have a running facebook thread going with about 10 high school friends but it isnt really enough to keep in touch. do you plan a meetup somewhere (old high school or college) every few... 50 2 years 8 months
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