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low-average GPA during year abroadI studied at Cambridge and went to a MIT on exchange for my 3rd year. While my transcript from Cambridge does not record any marks for the 3rd year abroad, I did have a GPA etc. and I suppose it may be possible for a business school to request this. My grades at Cambridge were good (I got a 1st... 1 3 years 1 month
L.E.K. vs Monitor (London) exit oppsHi Guys, Would appreciate some advice on this. Sadly I didn't get offers from MBB but I'm choosing between L.E.K. and Monitor - both for the London office. My ideal plan is to work in consulting for a couple of years, do an MBA at H/S/W (is that even possible with these firms?) and then go... 22 4 years 5 months


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I'm actually in a very similar position -...I'm actually in a very similar position - slightly disillusioned with the lack of career prospects that the MBA offers - I have pre-MBA consulting experience... I'm not keen to go back to consulting, PE/VC seems like a longshot and I have very little interest in banking. Some aspects of finance... 35 2 months 1 week
Bump...does anyone have any insight on this?...Bump...does anyone have any insight on this? Cheers 1 3 years 1 month
So I went for LEK in the end (even though...So I went for LEK in the end (even though everyone here was recommending Monitor). I spoke to a bunch of people and it really seems that LEK has a better reputation in London/Europe than Monitor (it is headquartered in London after all). LEK London also does a lot of stuff in alternative energy,... 22 4 years 4 months
OK fine maybe 'sadly' was not the best choice of...OK fine maybe 'sadly' was not the best choice of words there - perhaps this forum has been getting to me too much... But there seem to be a couple of votes for Monitor over LEK. Is this considering my long term plan of consulting->MBA->strategy in tech company? Or just generally? I'd be keen to... 22 4 years 4 months
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