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Tax Impact of valuation increase in a startup I...I invested in a startup company that was valued at $2M post-money when I invested in it. A couple years later they are raising more money that will probably value the company post-money around $25M. With dilution from the new financing my shares are now valued at around 7.9x cash on cash gain. (... 2 months 2 weeks
Approaching a well known PE firm with no junior...I have a meeting with a MD at a well know Growth/PE fund (on their 5th or 6th fund with aggregate $2.5B raised). The firm has invested in nearly every successful company you can think of and has been around since the 90's. The interesting thing is it is a 3 months 4 days
Help for a Friend -- Middle Office Associate CompNeed some help. Anyone have guidance on what type of comp this position would grab? Talked to a guys who worked at BLK and he thinks given SF cost of living and the associate roll the MO associate would make all in between $100k - $140k. Thoughts?? Really appreciate any ideas. http://www.... 4 months 2 weeks
deleted............. 5 months 3 weeks
Help Identify a stock to use for practiceI'm doing some basic modeling and financial analysis practice. Can anyone recommend a public company that meets the following parameters: -Around or below $500M market cap -Very simple 1-2 product business -Minimal historical M... 6 months 2 weeks
Is the GMAT Pill actually legit?Looking for an impartial response. I don't want someone from WSO or GMAT Pill telling me it's great. Has anyone here actually bought and used the GMAT Pill? If so what did you think? Did you use it with other products? Would really appreciate any insights. It seems interesting but I'm not... 7 months 4 days
Offset Vs. Choose functionsOk excel junkies, can I get a definitive argument for why you would use the "OFFSET" function and why you would use the "CHOOSE" function? Thanks. 8 months 1 week
Take private of public company listed in more...I'm the title states, has anyone seen this where a PE firm takes private a company listed on stock exchanges in more than one country? Any insight into how this works? How does it differ from a traditional take private? Thanks. 10 months 3 weeks
Moving CompensationTried searching around - couldn't find anything so sorry if this has already been discussed. I received an offer from a PA middle-market shop. The compensation and everything is above market so I'm very happy with that. They are giving me $7,500 moving compensation less taxes for relocation... 1 year 4 months
PE and HF HeadhuntersA list of Headhunters I came across. Figured I'd share it. Some don't seem that great, but I've interacted with a few names on the list. Really wish I had this list 2 years ago when I entered finance... Best of luck to all! A.E. Feldman 708 Third Avenue New York, NY 10017 Phone: (212) 324-... 1 year 4 months


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Leap from PE Fund of Funds to PE MegafundsHad one of the three head MD's at Bain Capital once say to me "PE FoF's is where you go to die. Don't ever go there. It will never help you get an investment professional role". While extreme, that was a direct quote from a guy that has run a MF PE shop since the mid-80's. 2 weeks 5 days
Are MBAs becoming less important?Maybe I can contribute something. I'm a 1st year associate at a MM PE fund and just accepted a lateral position at another fun rather than applying to business school. Here is my thought process: There are times when business school is more important and less important. Assuming we agree... 3 weeks 3 days
How would you do college differently? (if you...Not have followed my high school girlfriend the college she wanted to attend, a non-target none the less... Would have taken more accounting (preferably minored in it) Would absolutely join Greek Life again 1 month 1 week
Tax Impact of valuation increase in a startup I...A convertible note is just a mechanism to help complete a financing when there is ambiguity in my opinion. When you think of venture, I'd argue you can only really bucket it by types of round and types of investors. So at the seed round you usually have angels and maybe one seed fund. Series A will... 1 month 3 weeks
Tax Impact of valuation increase in a startup I...The primary round I was discussing was a priced seed round of preferred shares. The follow on investment I did recently is a convertible note with a valuation cap and annual accruing interest with no discount. 1 month 3 weeks
Gates’ vs Waltons: How much will you leave to...My children will receive 100% of my estate (when there is one). I believe there is no greater mission in life than teaching your children to be good people and if by the time I die I haven't succeeded in teaching them the importance of helping others with our good fortune then I haven't been the... 2 months 1 week
EXIT OPS 3Honestly I'd say you're best best is move to middle market or BB IB You're so recently out of school I don't see why you couldn't get interviews... I haven't heard much about someone in your position moving over but being so recent out of undergrad I'm more optimistic. For example, all my firm'... 2 months 2 weeks
Major/minor combo for IB/VCI don't know why CPA has anything to do with what you're thinking as you're clearly not interested in it and no one is forcing you that route... My advice, no matter what take 2-3 accounting courses. I wish I just did an accounting minor personally... Like others said though I don't think your... 2 months 2 weeks
Tax Impact of valuation increase in a startup I...Thanks guys for the input. That was my assumption but wanted to gut check it. The financing is happening this year so I wouldn't have had to really deal with it until next year even if there was a issue... @optrader47" You're completely correct... I was calculating off the incorrect share count... 2 months 2 weeks
What are the best websites for people in their...Nothing to do about 20 year olds but for my finance related work I check into every day. I like how it curates titles of a lot of site I like to skim for work... Based on your Elite Daily comment, I assume you're looking for other types of sites though... 2 months 2 weeks