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Done with Prop Trading - Now what?I'm posting here for a friend of mine because I don't know enough about his situation to be any help personally. He has spent the last 2 years at an elite prop shop in Chicago, and has come to the conclusion that, simply, he doesn't enjoy prop trading. He is great at math/quanty, but way too... 2 years 1 week
Venture Backed Companies Growth RatesDoes anybody have any data or links to a database where I can view average growth rates of revenue for venture backed companies from inception of funding through 5-10 years post VC financing? Doing some research and any help would be much appreciated 3 years 1 month


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Cruncharoo: Supplement my drinking with some...[quote=Cruncharoo]Supplement my drinking with some activities.[/quote] like fooling myself into being outside for four hours on a golf course, all the while drinking 1 year 6 months
OP: 1 year 6 months
Tapatio will change your life - similar to cholua...Tapatio will change your life - similar to cholua 1 year 7 months
eignenvector: A key factor though is what Dan...[quote=eignenvector]A key factor though is what Dan Gilbert had to give up to get to LeBron to agree to maybe come back, more than likely a future partial ownership role. Thats the only way I see LeBron forgiving the letter that Gilbert put out and had on the Cavs site until yesterday.[/quote]... 1 year 7 months
i'm fairly certain they are baked man - but the...i'm fairly certain they are baked man - but the bbq sauce is strong to quite strong. i know how it is being unable to avoid ordering a combo - the sense of inevitability is daunting when entering portillos, but if you find the strength to order ribs you won't be disappointed 1 year 7 months
combo (dipped, mozz, hot peppers) for days......combo (dipped, mozz, hot peppers) for days... also - never talked about and highly underrated but the ribs are fantastic 1 year 7 months
jbone24: pls respond. Don't have anything to...[quote=jbone24]pls respond. Don't have anything to look forward to besides 2 min conversation about a life outside my own. ty.[/quote] rip 1 year 7 months
Cruncharoo: I'd meet up with the CU chat gang,...[quote=Cruncharoo]I'd meet up with the CU chat gang, although cka would probably end up wearing my skin.. @captainkoolaid @CaR @ucmaroon47 @HFFBALLfan123 @jbone24 (i still hate you)[/quote] rip to that drinking team 1 year 7 months
TNA: So age and illness are fair game with Bob...[quote=TNA]So age and illness are fair game with Bob dole and McCain, but questioning Hillary is verboten? Yeah, seems right. [/quote] my thoughts exactly. 1 year 8 months
you are the man - thanks for this +1you are the man - thanks for this +1 1 year 9 months
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