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Ask a preftigious HF principal anythingMod Note (Andy): by homepaging this we're not endorsing that this user actually is a HF principal. Just read through it and thought some of the comments are worth a laugh or two, enjoy Always wanted to do one of these. My background - Graduated summa from one of HYPSW - Spent 2 years in a... 3 years 3 weeks
Would you join Paulson & Co today?Discussion with a few of my preftigious bros today. Interested in the WSO (and current IBD analyst/associate) view. 3 years 4 months
Option to turn off imagesThere should be an option under account settings to turn off parsing of html code for videos and images etc. Would make it a lot easier for people to surf this website at work. 3 years 9 months


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From the perspective of someone who sometimes...From the perspective of someone who sometimes looks to hire these folks Tier 1 -> BX, HL, Laz, Moelis Tier 2 -> Everyone else 1 year 1 week
If price is significantly above parIf price is significantly above par 1 year 3 weeks
Yes. And I don't know why. I don't even know how...Yes. And I don't know why. I don't even know how much those guys do (or don't?) get paid, or what type of pay structures they operate under. I've never entertained the thought of crossing over - always seen them as second tier frankly because the most preftigious people back when I was recruiting... 1 year 3 weeks
ilc22: (also in response to mbavsmfin) Honestly...[quote=ilc22](also in response to mbavsmfin) Honestly from what I have observed, most of these kinds of people are in stable and very fruitful relationships. So I don't even know why you guys are making comparisons of success in finance to "pussy". Again, an observation, it seems to me that a... 1 year 3 weeks
There are more preftigious posters on the board...There are more preftigious posters on the board now (i.e. GS/MS/BX to megafund PE/HF elite brothers and sisters) - old days were dominated by unpreftigious middle market bankers and PE bros. 1 year 3 weeks
jargon223: troubadour: Don't think grayfox's...[quote=jargon223] troubadour: Don't think grayfox's numbers are necessarily right for the average fund, but I know people at various top funds for whom those ranges are spot on (year 1-2). Not sure about further out but I think 1mm and up is possible in a blowout year. Ok. Please do... 1 year 3 weeks
dem iron chainz dem iron chainz 1 year 10 months
Penny stocks, brotherPenny stocks, brother 1 year 10 months
Just the typical confirmatory bias one would...Just the typical confirmatory bias one would expect from an unpreftigious bro. Your question was already answered above - you're looking for answers to support your pipe dream. Let me ask you a question - what would you have to offer above a candidate of the same age with analyst training at a... 1 year 10 months
Sure. Plenty of HF PA, loan ops, and receptionist...Sure. Plenty of HF PA, loan ops, and receptionist roles to be filled by people with your credentials. 1 year 10 months
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