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London IBD - Online SHL Reasoning TestsHow did you guys prepare for these tests? Are there any books or websites you would recommend? Anything available for free online appears to be insufficient. Many paid websites will try to sell you something like 7 tests for $20. Is there anything more exhaustive? Also, I failed an online verbal... 20 hours 57 min
REPE Interview Help: Modeling and PeriodicalsI'm interviewing for an REPE position in two weeks. I just have a few quick questions. -Where can I get up to speed on real estate market trends and recent deals? Is there a website or specific news source (preferably something free and online)? -What are the main ways to value a property? From... 3 months 3 weeks
aaaaaaaaa 5 months 3 weeks
Difficult Question - Cost of Debt CalculationHow do you calculate the cost of debt in practice? I understand using YTM on any outstanding corporate bonds, but what about bank term loans (sometimes they're reported on an aggregated basis and all you find in the filings is something like "Notes payable to Brazilian banks, variable interest... 9 months 2 weeks
US HF Recruiting - Foreign StudentsJust wondering if anyone has had any luck landing jobs at an HF out of undergrad as a foreigner (Canadians in particular). Do many funds smaller funds sponsor visas? I have strong grades, ECs, experience and so forth. Wondering if anyone had any advice. Used search function, lead to the... 1 year 3 months
Geographic transfer GS/MS/JPM IBDHow common is the move from one location at these BBs to another? Is it doable after a single internship there? If one does a really great job, can an MD/VP fast-track them for an interview at another office, or perhaps even send them to another office without an interview for the following summer... 1 year 8 months
Credit S&T QuestionIf a client wants to buy a certain number of corporate bonds from you and you have none in your inventory/book, where do you get the bonds from, given that the market is OTC? Will you call other banks to see if they have any? What if they don't have any either (i.e., it's some highly illiquid bond... 1 year 10 months
Fixed income modelingWhat kinds of fixed income Excel models are used in trading/research? Is it usually just basic duration/PV01 stuff or something more complex? If anyone has a sample model they could share via PM or name some book/website that goes over any such model, that'd be great too. Thanks, any insight is... 2 years 3 months
visas to the US for CanadiansI'd like to land an S... 2 years 4 months
Oilfield Services ER Report HelpI'm writing an equity research report on a small cap oilfield services company that sells top drives and other equipment. I have two main issues with it for now: I have no gauge whatsoever on how its products stack up against those of its competitors and on how experienced its management team is.... 2 years 6 months


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Pillllooooot: I used the tests from here: https...[quote="Pillllooooot"]I used the tests from here: Bought for 12 Pound 600 Numerical questions. They help to get accustomed to the questions, however, real Kenexa tests are much more difficult (e.g. BofA ML or DB this year). In addition, follow the advice from... 8 hours 32 min
Yep, it came as a shock because I never failed...Yep, it came as a shock because I never failed any of these before. It's the verbal one that caused me difficulty, the others are pretty easy. Still, have any of you used any prep material beyond what one can freely find with a quick Google search? I'll practice some more just to be safe for my... 16 hours 22 min
Sorry just one last question. If asked to pitch...Sorry just one last question. If asked to pitch an investment idea or how to invest $x, how would you go about it? Would you pitch a REIT, would you say something like "I read that cap rates are really high and development costs are really low in the Midwest, you should look there," or perhaps... 3 months 3 weeks
Thank you very much everyone! Your answers were...Thank you very much everyone! Your answers were very helpful. [quote="IRRelevant"]1). Biznow is good, you can register for free and select the market(s) you are interested in. 2). NAV is used for valuing REIT stocks and not property level deals. If you are talking about a property level deal... 3 months 3 weeks
inspiredanalyst: "G Spread" wrote: -If you have...[quote="inspiredanalyst"]"G Spread" wrote: -If you have an LTV of 75%, a cap rate of 4% and a 3% interest rate, what is your ROE?* -Do you have general advice for these sorts of interviews? It's for an entry-level role. I already checked other parts of the forum, but was wondering if you might... 3 months 3 weeks
I got into LSE's MSc Finance program and have a...I got into LSE's MSc Finance program and have a few questions about the school as part of the due diligence process: -Would I be in a good position for FT IBD recruiting if I already have an internship overseas at a top BB? I'm just paranoid that most analyst classes will be full with summers and... 6 months 2 weeks
Thanks for the advice! I don't have a banking...Thanks for the advice! I don't have a banking offer lined up though. Either way, my goal is to work abroad and I feel like an MSc would be the best way to do so. I've decided to reschedule the GRE for early-mid-December and target MIT and London schools more, seeing as Princeton is clearly more... 10 months 1 week
That's right, I just considered applying recently...That's right, I just considered applying recently (figured it'll open far more doors than are open to me now, as I'm from a non-target). I suppose I should have taken the math courses earlier... Is there any chance of getting a competitive GRE score with just two weeks of intense studying? Thanks... 10 months 2 weeks
Would appreciate any feedback at all regarding...Would appreciate any feedback at all regarding chances and GRE concerns. @"TNA" @"IlliniProgrammer"? Thanks! :D 10 months 2 weeks
Can someone chance me please? I'm targeting: -LSE...Can someone chance me please? I'm targeting: -LSE Msc Finance (or one of the numerous other finance-related programs they have, what's the difference anyway?) -Oxford Msc Financial Economics -MIT MFin -Princeton MFin Canadian non-target Finance major (many CS electives, as well as some... 10 months 2 weeks