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IndexesI just bought widget for my Android that has a stock ticker. Unfortunately, it only follows equities, indexes and ETFs. Recommendations on indexes to follow, as a way of keeping up with macro trends? I am a commodity trader (metals), so anything particularly relevant would be appreciated. 2 1 year 11 months
LPGHas anyone traded LPG / know much about this mkt? 8 1 year 11 months
Robert Yildirim interviewThought this interview was very good, gives you some insight into the grey area between physical commodity trading and merchant banking / industrial investment; where most of the heavyweights in the commodity world now operate. I kind of wanted to post it in the I-banking forum,just for this... 2 years 3 months
Stamford?Does anyone have any insight on what it is like working in Stamford? How difficult is it to commute to the city on a daily basis? What's life like in Stamford itself (note, I am 25 and single)? How much of a pain is going out in the city on the weekend (Stamford to NYC cab must cost a... 6 2 years 6 months


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GoodBread: Pretty interesting how Trafi's CEO...[quote=GoodBread]Pretty interesting how Trafi's CEO was involved in some of the discussions. No matter how genius the whole thing had been up to that point, there probably was no cheap way to get rid of the slops.[/quote] word on the street is that Claude actually participates in the running of... 63 5 months 2 weeks
the email correspondence for Probo Kuala that...the email correspondence for Probo Kuala that came to light during the trial is amazing ahah 63 5 months 2 weeks
Look up Probo Kuala; that was fucking brilliant (...Look up Probo Kuala; that was fucking brilliant (until those penny pinchers at Trafi decided to use Cote D'Ivoire "waste mgmt" sub-contractors to get rid of the toxic sludge left over, instead of paying pros in Rotterda;; God knows the PL would not have been affected much...) 63 5 months 2 weeks
TraxysTraxys 41 8 months 1 week
BananaTrader: Nidera lol[quote=BananaTrader] Nidera [/quote] lol 31 1 year 9 months
Ponzi_Scheme: Thanks for posting this. Have you...[quote=Ponzi_Scheme]Thanks for posting this. Have you noticed anything changing from algorithmic trading? If so, is it more long-term or short-term impact? What have you done to adapt to it?[/quote] sugar flash crash of '11.. 128 1 year 9 months
P_C_Underwriter: As the red headed stepchild of...[quote=P_C_Underwriter]As the red headed stepchild of the finance industry us insurance folk aren't as technical as you fancy trader guys, so I am sorry if this question seems to elementary. I am curious about what risk transfer or traditional insurance products affect the valuation of these... 128 1 year 9 months
BobCraigfield: For small firms maybe but it may...[quote=BobCraigfield]For small firms maybe but it may not be true for huge firms such as Glencore, Cargill tend to own their own in-house M&A departments. In other words they more and more bypass big banks either for M&A or liquidity issues as they have enough liquidity to cover clients and... 92 1 year 9 months
Physical commodity trader here. Our expense acct...Physical commodity trader here. Our expense acct is prety much limitless. Then again, I (a) travel a LOT, (b) am expected to wine / dine counterparties constantly. bring on the chateuz margaux 5 1 year 10 months
hm hm 23 1 year 10 months
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