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Incentive over and above bonus at my firmHi, I got a FT job as PE analyst at a Growth Equity shop. It's a young shop started by well known and very deal experienced people... I interned at the firm and they called me back for FT, so I must have impressed them. Basically, I'm earning a pretty good salary for the country i'm in (i can... 2 2 years 8 months
Will M&A activity increase in 2013?Please provide reasons for your opinion. 1 3 years 3 months
FactSet - How do I look up IB's and PE firms?Novice user of FactSet, how do I run a screen to find investment banks/ PE firms/ ER firms etc in different cities? This is for cold emailing and application purposes. thanks! 6 3 years 3 months
How to Troll Your FirmI trust most of you are familiar with David Thorne. I just saw from his tweet that on his actual firm's website, he changed the description of his colleague in the "Our People" section. His tweet said: 26 days and nobody at work has noticed yet. 9 3 years 4 months
Odd situation on ResumeI am interning at a PE firm, but the office houses a PE firm and a VC firm which are legally and operationally two different entities. Though I am technically "employed" by the PE firm I have also been working a lot for the VC firm. The VC firm CEO is also a partner of the PE firm, and the PE... 6 3 years 5 months
Revenue and Cost SchedulesAre revenue and cost schedule breakdowns educated guesses or has this information, which is not included in 10 K's, been acquired directly from the company's management? 3 years 5 months
Office Pet PeevesWhat are some of your pet peeves in the office? E.g. person at next desk chewing gum like a 15 year old Pikey, clicking and smacking. 9 3 years 5 months
Annoying Co-workers and Cultural FitThe office environment is one where you spend up to 100+ hours per week next to people you did not choose to spend this time with, and chances are that these people are quite different from you because of differences in upbringing. No wonder cultural fit is so important in Finance. I have been... 20 3 years 5 months
The Non-Target CurseAbout a week ago, I was sitting at my desk at my current PE internship when the partners and the CEO were filling in a questionnaire that an investor (bank) had requested. The specific question that caught my attention was one that asked for the caliber of my firm's current and previous interns... 82 3 years 5 months
Thrill-seeking activities under interestsHow do employers view these, and how can one write these under interests? Specifically for myself, I haven't "specialized" in anything but always look for opportunities to get my heart pumping e.g. skydiving, hang gliding, para gliding, shark cage diving (did it 2 weeks ago), bungee jumping,... 14 3 years 5 months


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I bought myself a $30 watch with my first ever...I bought myself a $30 watch with my first ever paycheck as a symbol of "making it" and will not buy a new one until it breaks. Hopefully it will never break. Represent... 300 6 months 1 week
.. 174 2 years 3 weeks
Wish I'd interned with WSO later :'(Wish I'd interned with WSO later :'( 50 2 years 7 months WSO Mention as well 267 2 years 8 months
It is. She's hot though, so I'm taking my chances...It is. She's hot though, so I'm taking my chances. For now I'm willing to look past a little cray cray... 6 2 years 9 months
Just like my girlfriend... I'm expecting to wake...Just like my girlfriend... I'm expecting to wake up with a knife in my stomach any day now... :( 6 2 years 9 months
holla_back: ericafor: I choose to think of us...[quote=holla_back] ericafor: I choose to think of us bankers as the Night's Watch. Prestigious yet tough job, protecting the financial realm and providing the vital financing to guard and grow the "real economy" wow[/quote] I choose to think of us bankers as White Walkers. 23 2 years 11 months
Solid resume! St. Gallen is a top school.Solid resume! St. Gallen is a top school. 4 3 years 2 weeks
Kitchen.Kitchen. 16 3 years 2 months
I'll definitely be there. My first happy hour,...I'll definitely be there. My first happy hour, show these Americans how Europeans drink. 15 3 years 2 months
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