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Preview Freshness length.How long is too long? What's a good length? I obviously don't want to come across as a goldilocks type...but hate cutting my hair too short. 7 years 3 months
LadiesWhere the hell do you meet guys? I can't seem to stand guys who are either (yet consistently meet these men): A) Still in college B) Don't have a steady job. C) Suggest that I "buy/sell a few shares" for them since I'm an investment banker. I don't do that! lol. Yet the other guys are... 7 years 5 months
Colbert for Prez!Yay!!! 7 years 7 months
A new type of petLOL!!! You must click here to see this pet!!!! 7 years 7 months
IRCIs anyone on IRC? 7 years 7 months
Odd Hypothetical QuestionsSomeone forwarded these hypothetical questions to me. Now I am blessing with their presence. Have fun! 1. Let us assume a fully grown, completely healthy Clydesdale horse has his hooves shackled to the ground while his head is held in place with thick rope. He is conscious and standing... 7 years 7 months
All about menLadies, let's go vent about these monkeys. I cancelled a date the other night because the guy kept talking about how expensive it was. He said "It's expensive, just right for you" and "Oh good, you don't drink (alcohol), the bill will be cheaper". He did not understand why I didn't want to... 7 years 8 months
Funny news article.Broker Accused of 'Spin Rage' at Gym Sep 18 10:56 PM US/Eastern By PAT MILTON Associated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP) - A Wall Street stock broker has been charged with assault after he became enraged during a cycling class at a posh health club and slammed a fellow member and his bike against... 7 years 8 months
stats?I noticed that you no longer can see what ranking you have. Will this be coming back? 7 years 8 months
Stupidest thing you ever said on the jobWhen I said "international relations" to a client instead of "investment relations". Or when I told someone to "Oxcillate the fan" instead of "oscillate". 7 years 8 months


Preview Freshness
Do women flock to HBS guys?I don't even know where to begin....... 3 months 2 weeks
Coffee meeting as part of formal selection processI usually wear a suit or a dress with a blazer. No cardigan. Seems too receptiony. 1 year 4 months
Wall Street Relationships & YouAnyone want to be a house husband? 1 year 5 months
"love" at the office?!?!?Well if it gets messy at the end, guess who goes? Hint: Not him. 1 year 5 months
Christmas Gift Ideas for GirlsThe best gifts I received were jewelry, a designer handbag, perfume and lingerie. But the lingerie should be a joint gift with something else, otherwise it just comes off as a little "meh". Also spa packages go over really well. 1 year 5 months
Holiday Gifts for AssistantsGiftly? 1 year 5 months
Getting along with male traders....Don't talk sports. It always sounds just a little awkward coming from a woman. And go and just invite yourself along to drinks/lunch/whatever. Who are these guys? The princes of Siam? No, they aren't. They are just dudes. Just go. If they talk about Five Guys, say, "I love five guys! The... 1 year 7 months
Series 7 - STC - AdviceI remember hearing that the STC exams were more difficult than the real deal. I say go for it. 1 year 8 months
Interesting Cold CallThere was a very good thread yesterday regarding the potential pitfalls of working for a start-up. I would review that thread. That being said, it's always good experience, but you could probably find a more developed LATAM project to work on if that's what you were going for. 1 year 8 months
Bypass the Analyst role by getting a JD/MBA?I know quite a few people who went right into an MBA program after graduating and bypassed the analyst step. 1 year 8 months