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Why hasn't Mark Klein MD been banned?Seriously, this guy must be the biggest loser on the planet. He's a doctor in his sixties with serious insecurity issues - he insults everyone on this board for no reason and enjoys continuously putting others down. It's not like he's an MD at KKR or anything - just some doctor who is retired and... 13 7 years 9 months
DealMaven versus Wall Street Prep (comparing...Hi everyone, So I know a bunch of people on this board have questioned whether DealMaven, Wall Street Prep or Training the Street (TTS) is better. Having seen the TTS material through a close friend of mine, I think that the program is best suited for liberal arts candidates who have no finance... 26 4 years 1 month
The worst idea in the worldSo after reading the thread on how Americans are under compensated compared to our glorious socialist friends on the other side of the Atlantic, I thought it would be worth digging into what those Europeans are up to. And guess what I found: 1. A Franco-German government-funded search engine... 1 8 years 1 month
Consultants working a 100 hours a week?Hey guys, Alright so I have a bit of pet peeve to settle. I know this guy in this other VC fund who always brags about how he used to work a 100 hours a week in a boutique consulting firm (think Arthur D. Little, Mars... 9 8 years 2 months
Breaking into VC from storyBreaking into VC/PE from undergrad is very challenging. I did it coming out of university (I cannot reveal which university since that will give me away...I'm on my firm's website). I also cannot reveal which VC fund for similar reasons, but I will tell you that it is an independent (not bank arm)... 46 8 years 7 months


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RBC Capital Partners (the PE division of RBC,...RBC Capital Partners (the PE division of RBC, doesn't have a tech-focused group). Believe me, I would know. RBC Venture Partners only has one analyst who did not graduate from Princeton. This is BS. Patrick, can you take this off the main page? 32 7 years 7 months
untitled123: mcgill isnt prestigous, in some...[quote=untitled123]mcgill isnt prestigous, in some circles, concordia b school is considered better[/quote] So you have a 4.0 from Princeton and work as a third year associate at a hedge fund? Let me guess, you were so smart, that you were hired directly into GS's PIA/SSG group and then moved to... 30 7 years 9 months
Worst question/thread ever...idiot How does being...Worst question/thread ever...idiot How does being a "financial professional" impact what it's like to live in a city? 7 7 years 9 months
In that case, feel free to improve the thread by...In that case, feel free to improve the thread by contributing constructively... 46 7 years 10 months
For private companies, the discount rate is...For private companies, the discount rate is usually around 30%. Or ballpark 1/3. Of course that depends on a variety of factor. Here's a good rule of thumb. If revenues are $50M use 10-20%. Ask an associate or vp for more guidance, VCmonkey 5 8 years 1 week
Never ever ever triple post. You have turned this...Never ever ever triple post. You have turned this entire forum against you. 4 8 years 1 week
Agreed. Dosk your website is fantastic. If you...Agreed. Dosk your website is fantastic. If you are ever looking for a "guest" blogger, let me know. I wouldn't mind helping you out with the private equity interviewing guide that you wanted to write, VCmonkey 18 8 years 3 weeks
Hercules provides venture debt to growing...Hercules provides venture debt to growing technology companies with more than $5 in revenues and good operating cash flows. The idea behind venture debt is to get financing without giving up equity in the company, which is typical in VC deals. Of course, this debt comes at a very high price given... 2 8 years 3 weeks
Beggars can't be choosers. Take the offer.Beggars can't be choosers. Take the offer. 4 8 years 3 weeks
Let's think about how you add value as an...Let's think about how you add value as an employee at a VC fund: 1. Generating proprietary investment ideas (finding investment candidates before others do) 2. Focusing on a niche sector that is on the verge of "explosive growth" that others have not yet identified. Think YouTube, MySpace and... 46 8 years 3 weeks
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