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Arranged the coffee now how do I make it...Hello all I previously posted a thread regarding networking in ER and reaching out to people in my firm - took the plunge yesterday and emailed an director with a template I'm going to begin sending out across to different people. He was kind enough to reply and refer me to his associate.... 2 1 year 7 months
Overly cautious networking?Hi guys Before I begin I'll give a brief background of myself; non target grad entering the second year of his role in Credit Risk MO at BB. I want to make the move to Equity Research and have been sourcing a contact list over the past couple months to reach out to as well researching the role.... 12 1 year 8 months
Equity Research - The great migrationBackground: Currently working in BB Credit Risk MO (8 months) but want to ultimately end up in ER. How do you make the transition once you are no longer a graduate/undergraduate but an actual member of the workforce? Every vacancy posting I've seen has asked for 1-3 years ER experience! I'm... 4 2 years 3 weeks
CFA timeline questionsHi guys I have a few questions regarding the CFA qualifications which I'm hoping those who have completed the exams can answer. I am an economics graduate, and I start work in a MO position within an investment bank this autumn. If I start studying now, is it within the real of reality to pass... 11 2 years 8 months
Part time MSc at BBHey guys I'm considering applying for a part time MSc in Finance at the likes of LSE/LBS/Cass. I will be starting my graduate job with a BB in MO next September, and wanted to get the opinion of people on how difficult it will be to balance the two. I have an undergraduate in Economics and... 1 3 years 4 months
What do Bruce Wayne and Connecticut have in...Since the tragic Connecticut massacre, some uncanny new information has come to light. Could be a coincidence, could be part of a much larger scheme to cover up the New World Order which is being orchestrated by Romney, Obama's puppy and hologram Reagan. YOU DECIDE. "In the wake of the mass... 3 3 years 4 months
Cold emails across the river: UK to NY BoutiquesHey Guys, I had a thought today and I'd like the advice of the WSO community. I've been a long time reader and have noticed that networking/cold emailing/cold calling is heavily emphasised in the pursuit of breaking into the industry. I've many made many applications to London positions (UK... 10 3 years 4 months
The importance of extra curricular activities Hi guys, just a quick question and hopefully some advice from this seasoned community! I'm beginning applications to 2013 IBD/Capital Market off cycle internships and I am currently interning at a BB in a Middle Office. I wanted to know the importance of demonstrating solid extra curricular... 1 3 years 9 months
Deloitte Fast Track DecisionHey guys, I'm in quite a favourable situation and I thought I'd ask for some advice. Last summer I applied for a few consulting internships and unfortunately didn't get any, Deloitte however emailed a coupe of months ago inviting me to a 'Top Talent' event which in a nutshell consists of the best... 4 3 years 10 months
Back office bullHey guys, been following this site for a long time and after seeing the wealth of information everyone has to offer I thought I could get a piece of the pie so to speak! I'm a 2nd year undergrad studying at a London university and have landed a summer internship at a BB firm. It's in the Operations... 17 3 years 9 months


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You sir are a marvellous help! I have coffee...You sir are a marvellous help! I have coffee arranged with an associate in ER on Tuesday and this will be a helpful resource to look at before then! Any tips? 12 1 year 7 months
Thanks - will be doing so right away! Can you...Thanks - will be doing so right away! Can you offer any advice on where to read up on valuation? P.S cool username. 12 1 year 8 months
Thanks for the advice! Yeah the duration of my...Thanks for the advice! Yeah the duration of my grad role is 2 years so makes sense. I was just wondering what I can do in the interim to really understand ER to its core. 4 2 years 3 weeks
No specific sector; I cover asset Managers and...No specific sector; I cover asset Managers and hedge funds. 4 2 years 3 weeks
Piratebay has a torrent for the Schweser guidesPiratebay has a torrent for the Schweser guides 7 2 years 8 months
Thanks for the comments guysThanks for the comments guys 11 2 years 8 months
Thanks!Thanks! 11 2 years 8 months
I am almost certain I have read this before...I am almost certain I have read this before somewhere, perhaps in the LSO book. Maybe I;m wrong will check book later.. 80 3 years 3 days
Lol @ tag 'This shits cray'Lol @ tag 'This shits cray' 52 3 years 3 weeks
Good job man, keep grinding!Good job man, keep grinding! 13 3 years 3 weeks
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