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Microsoft Surface 3 Pro for private useGuys, I'm looking for a new laptop for my private use. I have a Lenovo for work which I really like but I still want to own a private laptop for personal stuff at home+private travel. Also, I don't feel like carrying my work pc home all the time. Anyway, as I was browsing around I began to... 2 weeks 4 days
Choosing post-banking career path & how you...Fellow monkeys, I'm a banking analyst here in London and I am trying to make up my mind on which route I want to go down post-banking. Unlike many others I haven't really hated my time in banking as I have learned a ton and worked with great people and even W/L wasn't too bad (of course still... 3 months 2 days
BlackBerry Classic - Back to the rootsGuys, what do you think of the new BlackBerry classic? It's basically an improved Bold and is obviously aimed for business users. I'm not a big iPhone fan anymore and wonder whether this might be a nice workphone.. Thoughts? 5 months 1 week
Winter coat suggestionsGuys, Any suggestions for a decent winter coat / jacket? Both for work and leisure? Thanks! 6 months 2 weeks
Investment Banking analyst to world traveller:...Guys, I realise that this topic is quite unusual but I still need some input from more experienced monkeys who have done this or know people who have done something comparable. Background: I am a 2nd year analyst in Banking at an elite boutique-type shop in a 3 year analyst program (common... 8 months 2 weeks
Work and private phone?Many of my fellow analysts have only one phone (usually the latest iPhone) both for work related stuff as well as for private stuff but I'm still sitting here at my desk with my two phones (blackberry for work, iPhone as private phone). I'm currently considering changing to one iPhone as well and... 1 year 2 months
Layoffs Watch: Barclays Barclays is following the other European banks by laying off 12,000 employees and trying to shrink its balance sheet. Thoughts? 1 year 3 months
Interview for Venture Capital Associate positionFellow monkeys, I have an interview with a VC firm coming up and wanted to ask you guys what I have to expect. I obviously have researched a bit about VC interviews and asked around, but I wanted to turn to you more experienced VC guys to get a sense of what to expect apart from the standard... 1 year 3 months
HP Envy x2Hey there, I'm thinking about buying a new laptop for private use and I'm contemplating the HP Envy x2. Is there a WSO monkey who already uses this device and can give me some insights about it? Thanks! 2 years 1 month
List of bank email formatsHey guys, I don't know if we had something like this before or if it is of any use but one of my friends will start recruiting this year and asked me for some email formats of other banks I worked with. The list isn't that extensive since I'm only a few months in the job, but anyway.. Goldman... 2 years 2 months


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iBanking - Slim fit: how slim is too slim?[quote="JJSaurel"]imo TM Lewin >>>>> CT for shirts. DOn't buy suits there though (neither at CT). Then that's for London, maybe different tastes prevail in the US[/quote] Where would you recommend buying suits in London? 2 days 2 hours
What's the best practice for this?Probably done by the presentation guys anyway. This is exactly the job that should be outsourced to them. There's no use in spending an hour formatting some stupid boxes or slides in general. 2 days 2 hours
Is it possible to survive in London with £16K a...Exactly. 16k is ok for a year or so (f.e. assuming you are a student), but that's pretty much it. 4 days 11 hours
Is it possible to survive in London with £16K a...As a student I paid 600 a month for my flat (last tube station in zone 1!) and 85 for the oyster monthly pass. Another 35 for the gym, 15 for the phone which amounts to 735. Another 30 per week for sainsbury's / tesco shopping (groceries), which is 855 for "fixed" expenses. Add another small stuff... 4 days 12 hours
Diet to gain muscle?Seriously guys, I'm not that knowledgable about diet and fitness but the eat as much crap as possible advice seems just bad to me. How is eating junk food helping building your muscles? 5 days 3 hours
Infra PE to VC?I guess you can answer your question yourself. Utilities... 1 week 1 day
LSE MsC in Financial Economics --> FT BB IBD...These are all top notch programs and all of them place pretty similar. None of them will hold you back in any way. 1 week 2 days
HF Analyst as a Second Job?It's just a retarded idea. Decide on what you want to do in the future and don't think of simultaneously trading securities and breeding fungi cultures in a lab. If you love to trade, then do it on the side with your own money, but being a full time HF analyst won't work 1 week 3 days
LSE MsC in Financial Economics --> FT BB IBD...Both programs (FE/A&F) place well into BB/EB IBD. Your lack of work permit (assuming you are American) might be the bigger problem. 1 week 3 days
Welcome to the New Wall Street Oasis!Alright, thanks for the quick reply! 1 week 4 days