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Starting in consulting to F500?Oliver Wyman/Booz/etc aren't going after candidates from non-targets.... These firms are as selective as MBB, and only recruit from a handful of schools.... so pinning your hopes on these firms isn't really a good strategy. However, firms such as Accenture/BAH/Big 4 advisory practices do cast a... 2 years 11 months
Dress for Informational Interview?I would go business casual. I have even had interviews at top consulting firms where they asked us to wear business casual over suits in for the interviews, and most of these offices only wear biz casual anyway so worst case you'll fit in. 3 years 1 week
Best Consulting CasebooksI was personally a fan of Wharton, HBS, Tuck, and Columbia casebooks. All easily available with a little searching online. 3 years 1 week
Best Television Series of All-Time?Massive recency bias going on here..... did we forget the 90s? Seinfeld > Office by far. 3 years 2 weeks
Oliver Wyman Consultant or Goldman Sachs Risk MgmtOW if you want to do anything but risk management OR are not 100% about your career goals.... if you live, breathe, and sleep risk management... then GS. 3 years 3 weeks
BoozAs you found out, Booz... 3 years 1 month
Booz & Co Interview PoliciesAgree with Neighbor, getting feedback that you were "too relaxed with HR" is very unusual, but fixable. What did you talk about with the recruiters? You should always be professional in these interview settings, even if you lose some "personality" -- especially so in the interactions with people... 3 years 1 month
Do SAT Scores really matter?I would also say it matters, especially for consulting. I've had MBB partners during a final round comment (positively) on my math score. Consulting firms out of undergrad specifically require your SAT score, and I know they are used as another data point to evaluate candidates. 3 years 1 month
Useless honor societies - is more better?PBK - liberal arts; Tau beta pi - engineering; beta gamma sigma -- business Others are useless, the above indicate top of respective field, and are well-known. 3 years 2 months
Life after Investment Banking[quote=anonymousman][quote=Aero]How did you keep your piano skills sharp while working banking hours?[/quote] Oddly enough the bank I worked at had a grand piano in the foyer (just for show), and I would used to play that every day, even if just one song, before jumping in the taxi home![/quote... 3 years 2 months