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Looking for Midtown area sublet or brokerI've secured an internship at an NYC boutique for the summer and now am searching for an apartment from May 10-July 31. If anyone has anything like that please PM me. If finding a sublet doesn't work out I plan on biting the bullet and getting a broker, so can someone please PM me brokers they had... 2 years 3 months
Non-target Freshman networking helpI'm preparing to e-mail my resume to a bunch of boutiques with a paragraph or so message in it. I'm wondering if I should ask for an informational phone session, or just be straight up and ask for an internship? 2 years 5 months
Freshman at non-target for boutique IBD internshipI'm a freshman at a non-target by experience, though I can graduate in three years so my graduation date shows me as a sophomore. I also have experience interning at a law office that I took off because I didn't see much relevance. Tear it apart! Thanks WSO 2 years 6 months
Internship issueI'm a freshman at a non-target and I am going to try to get a finance internship (PWM, etc.) this summer. I talked to my advisor today and he explained that they do not give college credit for internships until the junior year summer. As I understand it, there is a gray area in the law regarding... 2 years 9 months
How to best list my SAT scoreStarting at a complete non-target (think South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama) this fall but had pretty good SAT scores: 2200/2400 or 1450/1600. The breakdown is 750CR/750W/700M so I don't want to list them individually as quant is the most important. I understand that bankers don't care about... 3 years 1 week


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Can Banking Analysts trade individual stocks?What happens if you come in owning a bunch of stocks? Would you generally be allowed to hold those or would you be required to liquidate ones on the banks list? 5 months 2 weeks
taking summer classes after graduation dateIn a similar situation where I may graduate in early August with a full-time start date in mid-July at a BB. I can be there for all of training, just wouldn't formally get my degree until early August. Anyone had or know someone that had a similar situation? I'd assume the BB can work through it... 10 months 5 days
AMA: Public Finance Banker[quote=secede]I'm working at a BB bank doing pubfin this summer, and I'm somewhat torn about which group I should shoot for. If I'm trying to maximize exit opps, which would be the best group to be in? I've been thinking either energy or healthcare.[/quote] Honestly if you are trying to maximize... 1 year 3 months
NYC 2014 SA RecruitingWhen did you get contacted about second rounds at Jefferies? And you're saying their process is three rounds? 1 year 5 months
How to Know Every Technical?As someone preparing to go to a superday, can you give a few specific examples of questions you encountered that you thought difficult? 1 year 6 months
NYC 2014 SA RecruitingDefinite non-target 1 year 6 months
NYC 2014 SA RecruitingYes I had my first round with CS last week. 1 year 6 months
NYC 2014 SA RecruitingI was referred by an employee but was never asked to submit preferences or my most recent resume. 1 year 6 months
NYC 2014 SA RecruitingHeard from CS last night telling me I made it to the superday. Also heard from WF today telling me I made it to second round. Further, BAML contacted me last night about setting up a first round before early January and I also have a Jefferies first round soon. 1 year 6 months
Credit Suisse IBD SADoes anyone know how long after first round we should find out if we made it to the final round? 1 year 6 months