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What do you think about day traders? lots of commentary... feels like few PMs and a lot of academics / spectators 1 year 12 months
Best "Lifestyle" Groups?Depends on what level and what you are after by lifestyle. Are you a deal junky or a client guy/gal? 2 years 7 months
How to ResignMore likely, but not necessarily if you resign on good terms. Have worked for two BB I-banks in my career - both times I resigned politely and on good terms, and both times was asked to slowely wind down my projects/trades over 2-3 weeks. It just totally depends on how you are valued and how you... 2 years 7 months
Is there such a thing as too strong a resume?The short answer is - yes - there can be. I'll refrain from commenting too much on your friend's position, but there are certainly candidates out there I would not hire for an analyst (or associate) job because they are over qualified. The primary issue here is not that i'm intimidated - quite... 2 years 7 months
Why UBS Will DieGood post. UBS remains a disaster - despite recent efforts to return to the core business of lending PB/PWM clients their own money. The issue really is an integration and risk management one more than anything else though. There are a lot of very smart people at the firm (or at least were)... 2 years 7 months
The Power of the KittyEPIC! 2 years 7 months
re: Portfolio Theory Part I...This was painful to read. Aside from the fact your thoughts are anywhere from difficult to follow to incomprehensible, you clearly have not spent enought time in the literature. If I am reading this correctly much of what you are trying to address is basicaly uncertainty created by the... 2 years 7 months
What to do Before Negotiating - 5 StepsSounds like an academic's answer to what every deal professional knows: Know your boundaries, identify your objective, look for negotiating leverage 2 years 7 months
CIM Group: reputation and other info?[quote=Blueliner]Great firm, great people, great location. Congrats[/quote] Know these guys well - echo above - very smart RE folks 2 years 7 months
I'm making $8000/mo trading stocks. Should I...Two comments from a professional investor (I make a real living from it): (1) If you are really making $8k / month on a regular basis, and have a demonstrable track record with strong returns (1-2% per month consistently for several years) then please PM me. I will give you a list of places you... 3 years 3 days