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Looking for Resume Tips. 2 years 10 months
Recent Graduate Seeking Boutique ER Non-target undergrad, worked through college, and FT last 1.5 years. I am trying to make the jump from Corp finance to a boutique ER shop locally or else go for analyst positions. I'm mainly having a hard time quantifying results of my last few jobs that... 3 years 1 month


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Is there a thread yet for people looking for...Is there a thread yet for people looking for places to stay? I'm coming in from out-of-state again and will likely show up a few days early for some appointments. I'm also willing so switch places and split a room at the Penn. 1 year 8 months
thepman: play the probabilities, many more stat...[quote=thepman]play the probabilities, many more stat guys in trading than sociology people[/quote] He wouldn't know that yet, he hasn't taken stats. 2 years 9 months
FeelingMean: Ron Paul: I hate those AT&T...[quote=FeelingMean][quote=Ron Paul]I hate those AT... 2 years 10 months
Real mature, buddy.Real mature, buddy. 2 years 10 months
Are you an operations supervisor or do you have a...Are you an operations supervisor or do you have a corporate office job related to your degree? I have a very similar profile as yours, only I'm a specialist in a finance department. I haven't had much luck in getting any positive responses for other finance jobs. 2 years 10 months
Here's another twist on the student debt angle....Here's another twist on the student debt angle. What if she has student loans from getting her MRS. and doesn't plan to pay it off on her own after marriage. I think this is more of blastoise's concern by using a raw debt figure. 2 years 10 months
This is on par with my schools career fairs....This is on par with my schools career fairs. Welcome to the club. 2 years 10 months
The Living Social/Groupon deals usually exclude...The Living Social/Groupon deals usually exclude the regular "deals" aka regular price in the fine print. If you need them now it might be the better deal, but if you're not desperate, waiting for a real sale is a better deal. Buy multiples at a time + coupon code + cashback for a better deal. 2 years 11 months
West Coast Analyst: Cliffnotes for everyone that...[quote=West Coast Analyst]Cliffnotes for everyone that missed it: -OP may have a case against illegal termination if he is, as i suspected, pregnant and got terminated because his hormones are flowing like a girl -Ivan is a communist or socialist...i could never get those two right -TNA and... 2 years 11 months
Henderson: I'm a freshman (second semester now)...[quote=Henderson]I'm a freshman (second semester now) at University of Louisville and I would one day like to work on wall street,. I'm going to enter the COB next semester and study Finance and I was wondering is Uofl a good school to lead me towards Wall Street?[/quote] No, the CoB is terrible... 3 years 1 week
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling