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Estimating the coupon rate for a bond issuance...I am planning to: 1) Look up the company's credit rating 2) Use the rating to find the current yield spread for similar (rating/maturity) bonds 3) Look up the relevant Treasury forward rate for three years from now 4) Add the yield spread to the Treasury forward rate Will this work or is... 1 year 4 months
NYC banking salary --- where does it all go?A reasonable breakdown for a thrifty analyst during a good year: $125,000 All-in compensation -46,033 Taxes (29.7% federal/state/city, 6.2% social security, 1.45% Medicare) -19,800 Rent ($1,500 per month) and utilities ($150 per month) -6,000 Food ($500 per month) -6,000 Entertainment ($... 1 year 6 months
Private equity arrangement feesAre they a tax deductible expense of the target company? 1 year 7 months
Question for PE GeniusesWhen they want to take cash out of their investment, sometimes they will do a dividend recap. Why wouldn't they use the debt proceeds to buy up treasury stock instead? Wouldn't that delay/decrease the tax effect? 2 years 3 months
Enterprise Value, according to McKinseyI noticed that in the McKinsey valuation book, enterprise value is defined as the present value of operations + the present value of non-operating assets. That is a different definition from the one I learned in class, EV = Equity + Debt + MI - Excess Cash. I realize that they have the same... 2 years 3 months
Need Interview AdviceI have been interviewing for Summer Associate positions at BB banks and, while I am regularly invited back for final rounds, I haven't been able to close the deal anywhere yet. I have gotten some feedback from alumni and interviewers and the consensus seems to be that I have a very strong... 2 years 5 months
M&A QuestionWhen an acquirer company acquires a target company, does the target generally get seats on the acquirer's board? Is that typically among the terms of the deal? 2 years 6 months
Exploding OffersHow long do they usually last? I have heard everything from 24 hours to 2 weeks. 2 years 6 months
LBO Model QuestionIn a real-world LBO model, do you bother to mark the target's balance sheet to fair value? Or is it more trouble than it's worth? Just wondering what is done in practice. 2 years 6 months
Enterprise ValueLet's say you have a hypothetical company with $50 market value of debt and $50 market value of equity. No preferred stock, cash, or minority interest. The enterprise value is $100. The company decides to take on additional leverage. It raises $25 in debt (at a higher interest rate) and uses the... 2 years 6 months


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WerrThe most attractive thing about banking for me is that it offers an established career path where there is the opportunity to become an MD some day. Despite what recruiters will tell you, corporate rotational programs and junior PE/HF positions will rarely take you to the top of those... 1 year 2 months
The Real Reason New MBAs Want to Work for Goldman...People only rely upon prestige when they can't come up with any better differentiating factors, which is probably why the undergrads on this site are so preoccupied with it. 1 year 2 months
Harvard or Princeton for UndergradBoth will give you a great education, provide you with incredible job opportunities, and shield you from any contact with the huddled masses that make up the 99%. 1 year 2 months
Checking out at work[quote=torchic] mdk6c: Just try to be subtle about it. Some analysts make it very clear that they don't care any more, which can be a drag for those who actually are considering a long-term career in banking. some analysts consider a long term career in banking? wow [/quote] I know, PE is... 1 year 3 months
Checking out at workJust try to be subtle about it. Some analysts make it very clear that they don't care any more, which can be a drag for those who actually are considering a long-term career in banking. 1 year 3 months
So Facebook just bought Oculus for $2bn....FB has all that cash and it's not like Zberg has to get board approval for an acquisition. 1 year 3 months
Private Equity Funds' Prospectus / Private...[quote=Hernandez]For the public private equity firms, do they have to file these with the SEC? [/quote] Nope 1 year 3 months
Blackstone Park Hill RE Group interview[quote=Solidarity]It's bogus... I imagine you spend all your time drafting marketing materials, DDing a lot of managers and assets and what not. Not what comes to mind when you think "Blackstone"[/quote] Bogus? If you worked your way up in Park Hill with the ultimate intention of starting your... 1 year 3 months
MBA? Go to Wall Street NOT a Start Up!Working for a startup is a job, not a career. Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg (which you're not). 1 year 3 months
Middlebury, Emory, W&M or CMC for I-BankingEmory has one of the best undergrad business programs in the nation, not to mention far more name recognition than the other two. 1 year 3 months