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Finance podcasts?Any of you know of any good finance podcasts? There's Slate Money, FT's Banking Weekly (though it's super focused on EU banks), Bloomberg's Masters in Business. Anything else? To give you a sense of my taste, I'm a big fan of Felix Salmon, EDM, Joe Weisenthal, and of course Matt Levine (I... 5 months 1 week
Quantitative Skills + MBB = ???Hi all, I'm graduating with a pair of (undergraduate) STEM degrees and starting at MBB this summer. Are there career paths that make sense for someone with scientific literacy, quantitative skills, and experience at MBB? I really have no idea where I want to be in 3-5 years, and I'm... 3 years 2 months


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MBB to PE time frame?I have not seen any decline in interest in PE in the last few years (maybe vs. 2006, but of course I was not around to witness that era). I have not heard much talk about saturation in PE being a big driver of whether or not people recruit for PE, but that may becasue the big funds that hire... 1 month 1 day
Finance podcasts?Masters in Business has had like 5 great podcasts in a row. Highly reccomended. 3 months 3 weeks
Finance podcasts?Saw it, was not focused on finance podcasts. I think the Motley fools podcast is the only finance podcast from the thread that I did not include here. 5 months 1 week
Choosing between McKinsey, Bain, and BCG?[quote=dagro] Mck: most prestigious, biggest, greatest network, "let's do our work, and do it right" attitude r.[/quote] Implying that BCG and Bain don't have the attitude of producing quality work? Ridiculous. If anything, compared to Bain and BCG, McKinsey is far more concerned with *who*... 5 months 3 weeks
Choosing between McKinsey, Bain, and BCG?What city are you in? Relative strengths/attractiveness of clients differ a lot by city (and country). [Actually, don't tell us but consider the question]. Corollary to the previous question: are you interested in a particular vertical? Strengths within particular verticals differ by firm and by... 5 months 3 weeks
Big 4 to buy MBB?Don't you think Bain employees would be in an ideal position to evaluate your claim that overloaded back office systems are bring the firm down? 7 months 1 week
Big 4 to buy MBB?This is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard. 7 months 1 week
Someone PLEASE Talk Me Out of Taking the LSAT/...Reading legal documents is by far the most boring thing I occasionally do on the job. Writing those documents all day must be fucking terrible. 8 months 2 weeks
Dropping my fraternity- Put on resume? Totally agree with Dingdong. 1) Your leadership role in your fraternity is not impressive at all. I don't care. Fraternity leadership has literally never come up as a plus for any of the 1000s of candidates we've screened over the years. 2) There is considerable downside risk. You do not want to be... 8 months 3 weeks
Profit Dollars vs. Profit MarginsYou have to get comfortable with the risks either scenario comes with. In the low margin situation, a little change in price or cost can have a big impact on profitability (up or down...). In the high margin situation, ROIC is bound to be really high, so you have to worry about new competition (you... 8 months 3 weeks