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Life after MBBWhat are the alternatives beyond the classic go work for a client scenario? What other moves have you guys seen work? What moves have totally flopped? I ask because I'm at an MBB now (post-MBA, associate/consultant-level) and plan to stick around for at least a couple more years, but I want to... 3 1 year 6 months
McKinsey -> PEI have post-MBA offers at McKinsey and Bain. I know Bain is known for its high placement into PE, due its well-regarded Private Equity Group (PEG), but what about McKinsey? Can anyone speak to its PE exit ops? 8 2 years 5 months
MBB Recruiting: Intern vs. FTRecently went through MBB internship recruiting at a target MBA program. Received an invitation to interview at all three firms. McKinsey interview was a power round (first and second round combined) didn't receive an offer. Reached final round at both Bain and BCG, but didn't receive an offer... 3 3 years 2 months
MBB Offer to Hire YieldsDoes anyone have any insight into what kind of yields each of the MBB sees on its offers? For example, if a Top 5 MBA program, typically places 20 interns at McKinsey, how many offers did McKinsey have to give to yield those 20 acceptances? 25 for an 80% yield? 21 for a yield of virtually 100... 1 3 years 2 months
Deloitte S&O / IBM / PwC vs. MBB - Salary...Post-MBA are roughly comparable at graduation, but does this hold over time? Which firms pay more in the long run or is all difference in value in the exit ops? 1 3 years 6 months
Best Custom Shirt Maker in ChicagoAlso, best tailor? 5 3 years 8 months
Importance of Diversity in On Campus RecruitingWhen compared to MBA Admissions, how much do on campus recruiters focus on diversity (ethnic, experience, gender, etc.) when hiring? More so? Less so? I am talking specifically about recruiting from M7. 3 3 years 8 months
M&A - What are top banks looking for?Recruiting from MBA program, what are top banks (Lazard, etc.) looking for when hiring for M&A divisions? What kind of candidates? Which schools? 5 4 years 1 month
M-7 with Best/Worst WomenGo 32 4 years 1 month


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Which firm has better exit opportunities? I am...Which firm has better exit opportunities? I am surprised to see so much McKinsey love on here. Typical WSO prestige whoring I suppose. I'm at a top 5 MBA, and there aren't many fans of McKinsey around here. I see more love for BCG and Bain (based on culture and people mostly). 138 1 year 4 months
mba2014: I would have put it in the get a job...[quote=mba2014]I would have put it in the get a job forum but whatever. I imagine they'll ask a lot about DFAs overarching market efficiency strategy and how they go about overweighting the stocks based on Fama's model. Just a guess though because I never interviewed with them. [/quote] No Fama... 8 1 year 6 months
I'd echo that. Whatever firm you are at will...I'd echo that. Whatever firm you are at will have training and written guides to get any well-motivated BA, etc. on the path to MD. 3 1 year 7 months
Answer is no.Answer is no. 12 1 year 7 months
Pay is much lower. Senior Associates start out...Pay is much lower. Senior Associates start out around 70K in public sector. Not sure how having an MBA affects it, but be prepared to have kids 2-3 years out of undergrad with no advanced degree at your level. Most Managers make between 95-115K, so I'd doubt they'd pay any Senior Associate much... 12 1 year 7 months
Similar background to OP and at a Top 5 MBA...Similar background to OP and at a Top 5 MBA program now, and I'd say to be competitive at any top 10 program, you'll have to be in the top quartile of its class on the GMAT. For M7, that means around a 750. I'd also say that showing a history of outstanding performance will also be essential - i.... 47 2 years 2 weeks
Blue-collar was a poor generalization. Forgot...Blue-collar was a poor generalization. Forgot that there were small pockets of white-collar employees with a high propensity toward drugs - investment bankers for example. 8 2 years 3 months
I think the only places that drug test are those...I think the only places that drug test are those that have a significant blue-collar work force. In those cases, the drug testing policy is applied uniformly across the organization mostly because targeting a subset of employees would appear unfair - even said target has an established propensity... 8 2 years 3 months
At a Big 4 consulting firm, I saw a recruiter (...At a Big 4 consulting firm, I saw a recruiter (not even an HR person with true HR experience), make the jump from recruiter to entry-level HR consultant. I wasn't around to see how she worked out in the position, but it proves it's possible. I'd also say it's probably a lot more possible in Big 4... 10 2 years 4 months
Victor Cheng's Case Interview Secrets and the...Victor Cheng's Case Interview Secrets and the Kellogg, Wharton, Booth, and Harvard case books 3 2 years 4 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling