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Is this a "FO" position?is this a real front office position or is it back office work in the front office group? Structured Products Analyst, ABS and CLO Team Purpose of the Position: This position resides in the ABS/CLO Team with the US Structured Products Group of _FirmNameWithheld_ in New York. The position... 5 3 years 9 months


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Little boys wear suspenders. Men wear braces....Little boys wear suspenders. Men wear braces. otherwise, bravo. 23 3 years 3 months
lol. i actually just bought this one last i actually just bought this one last month 201853AF41N1000# cant put a link because it triggers a "spam filter" :/ anywho just replace the style number from BTBanker's post with mine and you'll see. 10 3 years 9 months
LBJ: True, But warren and gates both have their...[quote=LBJ]True, But warren and gates both have their net worth in stock. Facebook is a private entity with some perceived value based on users. So it is still not real. Facebook hardly makes any money and they have thrown a ridiculous price tag on the company. Facebook is definitely not worth... 13 3 years 9 months
BlackHat: pickle: Irregardless, his manner...[quote=BlackHat][quote=pickle]Irregardless, his manner and articulation is pretty good for a 14 year old.[/quote] For all intensive purposes, I minus well agree.[/quote] you midas whale go with the flow. his prose is legend dairy. 33 3 years 9 months
irregardless.... hehe.irregardless.... hehe. 33 3 years 9 months
my friend is in S&T (thats still part of friend is in S&T (thats still part of the investment bank right?) in NYC and his email is [email protected] 11 3 years 11 months
[quote=Waymon3x6 Exactly what I was thinking.......[quote=Waymon3x6 Exactly what I was thinking.... This sounds like the start of an episode of American Greed. I could hear the narrator in my head when I was reading about Alex on his website[/quote] lmaooo i was thinking the same thing. 80 4 years 1 month
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