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How many sb/ms can i throw to other usersnot sure if theres an existing place to keep tracking how many sb/ms i can throw to other users now... so i can save some for raining days... 3 years 2 months
Zynga bought Draw Something with said $200 millionjust a simple app, now $200 mil in the pocket. i love startups... 3 years 3 months


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Baruch MSF vs. Clark MSF vs. DePaul MSF vs. IIT...tbh, all these programs r garbages... 95% of the students r chinese who can barely speak some english... 3 months 2 weeks
WUSTL vs Vandy vs UVA for MSF?imho, uva hands down, even bests mit 1 year 3 months
Washington D.C. MSF Programsnone of the programs in dc area is worth going, total waste of money and time 1 year 4 months
The Official Super Bowl Picks Threadits getting ridiculous... 29-0? give me a break... 1 year 4 months
What it's really like to work on Wall 4reals... good job 1 year 5 months
El-Erian OUT at Pimcotheir hedge fund performs pretty well and consistently 1 year 5 months
El-Erian OUT at Pimcoone of the steps to restructure PIMCO for post-gross era 1 year 5 months
Fee-based Internshipwat internship? pushing paper for hr? 1 year 5 months
Fordham- a back office feeder?[quote=IlliniProgrammer] mbavsmfin: Although I agree with this specific post-mainly because Fordham isn't worth the price-why does every advice you give on school choice boil down to money rather than the actual quality of the schools and opportunities available post-graduation? If I'm not... 1 year 6 months
how do you explain to other people what you do?subprime car loan seller 1 year 6 months