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Unschooling Yourself Part 2: Unlearn What You...Mod note: this comment was posted last week in response to ITF's bog post "Unschool Yourself" and deserved its own spot on the homepage. Flesh, you are spot on. It's refreshing to hear this kind of attitude on WSO. I haven't posted on here in a while, because I've become bored with hearing from... 11 2 years 11 months
Love the Job You're WithLove the [Job] You’re With [quote]“MGoTrade, just wanted to follow up regarding that interview with you. They’ve decided to move on to other applicants. If there are any other opportunities that fit your experience, we will let you know.” [/quote] We’ve all been there. You hear of an... 9 3 years 4 months
The Gift of Mentorship“2009 was not a great year to graduate.” The long-tenured VP at a major energy firm shook his head as we discussed that year’s job market. “My life has taken a different path than I originally thought, but it sure has made me tougher and stronger.” I replied. This website is full of young... 9 3 years 4 months


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If all you need is basic, inexpensive, reliable...If all you need is basic, inexpensive, reliable transportation, then buy yourself a plain jane Honda, Toyota, or Ford. Make sure it has a good service history, too. German cars are expensive because they 1.) were made in smaller quantities, and 2.) most parts were made and assembled in a high-... 17 2 years 10 months
Coincidentally, those topics you hit on your...Coincidentally, those topics you hit on your first call could also very well read as a general interview guide, if you change the context slightly. It would behoove everyone going into the interview to think about his or her "customers" (internal or external, depending on role), and how one goes... 20 2 years 10 months
OP, I think you need to cool it and really think...OP, I think you need to cool it and really think about what you want to do before you start taking any more classes which won't apply to a future career. Don't waste your time, energy, or money taking classes for a major that you don't like or don't see yourself using. You should consider... 9 2 years 10 months
Bondarb: I am not saying all relationships are...[quote=Bondarb]I am not saying all relationships are doomed to failure, but if you think that for the rest of your life the best oart of the day will be when ur wife meets you at the door you live in a fantasy world and haventtalked much to married people (even happily married people). So yes,... 11 2 years 11 months
Prospect022: He'll be running for Governor/...[quote=Prospect022]He'll be running for Governor/Senate in some ultra-red state soon enough. Anyone remember when there was big pressure on McCain in 08 and Romney in 12 to pick him as the VP candidate, given the controversy that emerged that would've been a horid move - well maybe not worse than... 61 2 years 11 months
MEvolutionToday: I've always found it ironic...[quote=MEvolutionToday]I've always found it ironic that people who have a job and have their carrer on the right track give lessons to younger people about prestige, college, "don't forget who's here for you"... Of course you're in the right position to say this because you have a job. Go tell this... 11 2 years 11 months
Hey, you guys should read the other article (...Hey, you guys should read the other article (Unschool Yourself). I think without that reference, and the ensuing additional readers' commentary, this posting may be taken completely out of context. And, for the record, I HAVE been poor. 11 2 years 11 months Ironically, this guy is arguably the most qualified and desirable person to have in any high-stress, -risk, and -reward leadership position, yet he stayed in the army, which was only paying him a $224k annual base salary prior to his... 61 2 years 11 months
"[The KKR Global Institute] ...will periodically..."[The KKR Global Institute] ...will periodically serve as an outlet for publishing the firm’s thought leadership products, including views from portfolio managers and industry experts." - Thought leadership products is quite a flowery way of saying... 61 2 years 11 months
My favorite thing about Michigan was that we had...My favorite thing about Michigan was that we had the whole package: top notch academics, great campus life, nationally competitive sports teams, and the best team colors and fight song ;) I also didn't even really know how good of a school if was until I started traveling around the country and... 43 2 years 11 months
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