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Smartphone App Ideas Anyone?So I'm in my last semester of school with a job offer....and I have a ton of free time. So much that I really need something productive to do. I have programming experience and want to make a smartphone app - but don't know what to make. Any ideas? I am self-taught so anything 3D or crazy... 16 3 years 2 months
Internship DowntimeTo all fellow monkeys who also browse WSO while at work: What can I do that's productive during my free time at my summer internship? I am at a small retirement plan advisory firm (5 people) and don't really have enough work to fill up my day. I have already taught myself VBA and am wondering... 7 3 years 9 months
Shit on My Resume Junior, no SA yet, looking for AM but will basically take anything at this point. 1 interview, top 4 AUM back office, no offer Still in my current internship, don't know if i put this right. Really appreciate any comments, feel free to shit on me. 11 4 years 1 month


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This is a much bigger deal than most people...This is a much bigger deal than most people realize. The sell side alone joining doesn't mean much as they will still have to use whatever the buyside prefers, but big AM firms like BlackRock joining in are what Bloomberg should be worried about. I heard BlackRock is going to mandate most... 11 7 months 3 weeks
plv: Attend a start-up weekendhttp://...[quote=plv]Attend a start-up weekend [/quote] I actually did this a few years ago and it was an awesome experience, maybe I will try it again sometime. Met people in the local startup scene so if anything its a good networking opportunity. Would recommend it to... 16 11 months 6 days
i installed the beta last night, and some of the...i installed the beta last night, and some of the new features are pretty cool. They really re-did every app even things like weather, clock, etc. I can't say im in love with how it looks, the icons make it look like it is for a child 22 2 years 10 months
grandfather used to sell jamaican blue mountain...grandfather used to sell jamaican blue mountain at his gourmet shop, but years ago he said it was bought by the japanese and they started diluting it with other shit. no longer sells it, he said he cant verify it and there is like 10x more coffee sold under the name than actually produced at the... 51 3 years 3 weeks
STIBOR: No, it's stupid. Spend your time doing...[quote=STIBOR]No, it's stupid. Spend your time doing something valuable. I would view passing the BAT as a negative because it shows that you think you need to pass a test to use Bloomberg when really you can just ask the drones on Help Help any stupid-ass question your imagination can create.[/... 27 3 years 1 month
Create a shortcut to the drive somewhere that you...Create a shortcut to the drive somewhere that you won't delete it (it stops working if you delete the shortcut). To do this drag the drive using right-click instead of left-click then do "Create Shortcut Here..". Right click the new shortcut -> Properties -> Shortcut Key and type a letter (ex. H)... 3 3 years 2 months
Also long MSFT IlliniProgrammer: Don't forget...Also long MSFT [quote=IlliniProgrammer]Don't forget Xbox and C#/Visual Studio.[/quote] Their developer tools are great, .Net is just awesome. As is visual studio 19 3 years 4 months
ive been using the final version since oct. 24th...ive been using the final version since oct. 24th (i have an msdn subscription) and havent really noticed any non-visual changes. It does use little animations when navigating around cells and changing sheets which was annoying at first but now im used to it. The "New..." screen that comes up... 6 3 years 5 months You can still read it here, complete with comments 8 3 years 6 months
how about MBS? saw some wealthy clients about MBS? saw some wealthy clients holding it at my internship with decent yields 26 3 years 7 months
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