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Macquarie Infra PE SA, anyone heard back?Just feel that it'd get more response if I wrote it here. I applied to Mac's Infra PE SA and went through the first round. Since I'm at a top target in the UK so I only applied through the website (fairly surprised to get the interview actually). The interview was with two guys 2 weeks ago and... 2 years 4 months
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MSc. at Cass or LSE?Disclosure: LSE alum here, definitely biased. LSE hands down. IBs don't care about your subject if you are from LSE/Oxbridge. Everything else could be outsourced - but not the school brand name. What to talk about in the interview is not an issue. You could study everything by yourself, and... 1 month 1 week
Hedge Fund Dress CodeJust follow the PM you work for. Although my fund told me there is no dress code, but the PM always wears like a PE guy, so I do too. 2 months 18 hours
BX SuperdayFor analyst (not summer): 1. Advisory (RX): took 2 if i remember correctly. 3-4 rounds in total including face to face and numerical test. Met almost 15 people, superday with vp, MD and SMD (4 -5 in total i don't remember). Mostly technical. Only 1 chilled conversation with a SMD. Not sure about M... 2 months 1 week
Wharton MBA or Top Hedge Fund directly? (overseas...Take the top HF - your track record matters the most, unless you really have an urgent need to expand your network. Otherwise you are wasting money and time. If you are really good, you can definitely switch to the US after 2 years. If you are worried about raising capital or need a brand-name for... 2 months 1 week
Distressed HF - professional background for...Hate to say it but actually really depends. For the distressed fund (more PE style) I worked before: PM/MD: distressed products team at sell-side. Others: M... 2 months 1 week
Blackstone PE London HierarchyFor the 1st analyst/6 month internship? Prob just paper LBO and some quick IRR calculation. A lot of brainteasers, and high-level ideas about where to invest in Europe. Basically everything you will encounter in an IBD interview + LBO stuff + brain teasers. Pay some attention to BX past deals, as... 2 months 3 weeks
Blackstone PE London HierarchyProbably 1. They normally hire through KEA, if they fail to fill the 2 slots, they will start to interview kids from the online pool, or convert the intern. For the 2015 FT class, 1 is hired through KEA and 1 is converted through the internship. 2 months 3 weeks
Blackstone PE London HierarchyBX london has a 3-year program. Normally only hire 2 straight from school per year, and only 1 of them will get promoted at the end of the program (suppose both finish the analyst program). The other guys join from a bank after 1-2 years and finish the rest of "3 year" thing. If you have spent 3... 2 months 3 weeks
Imperial vs LBS Urgent!LBS MiM alum here - incredibly easy to land interview at BB IBD - plenty of kids got offer (even more MBB if you consider consulting). Part-time job at PE/HF/start up is pretty normal here. Quite a few multi-billion HF recruit MBA level job here (cuz they don't know the diff), and ppl do get... 3 months 2 weeks
Books about distressed debt?Distressed PE and distressed HF could have very different play - you could be at a PE fund looking for control or providing rescue financing, or you could be at a vulture fund that grasp the spread from distressed/stressed credits (like from 85 to 93 in 3 weeks are pretty awesome for HF). They way... 3 months 2 weeks