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EV comps better than Equity comps?Q: why would you prefer EV comps to equity comps? A: EV comps adjust for the leverage effect of debt, this would likely give us a better "apples-apples" comparison than using equity. ? 7 years 5 months
insider trading this dude had to forfeit $6.7-million... the four years sentence is too harsh 7 years 6 months
coming down with the coldwhat do you guys do when you catch a cold? are you still expected to come to the office (it may make sense to take 1/2 days off, at least for the sake of other analysts)? 7 years 6 months
this should help with the interview questions its mainly for prospective Associates, but I think prospective analysts may find it useful as well.. for current analysts: can you tell us your experience? (more technical or... 7 years 8 months


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Ask Alex at MBA ApplyHi Alex, I read one of your posts on your blog regarding the three different types of candidates who gain admission at H/W/S. I am particularly interested in Wharton because of their strengths in finance. I work as an analyst in reinsurance (Aon Benfield) both in an actuarial and financial... 5 years 10 months
No banking offers other similar jobs?i know many lads in your situation. one word: bschool play your cards right over the next 3-4 years and you can come in as an associate thats what i've been told anyway. i didn't land an analyst position either (no rejections, all cancellations). landed a sweet job with an... 7 years 2 months
Ahh help! Going into 2nd year and don't know...forget about MBA. right now, your focus should be on getting into banking as an analyst. thats the best way to go about it - both in terms of saving money and credentials. do you want to be busting your hump in b-school? if you go to bschool with the analyst experience then you will be ahead... 7 years 3 months
Ahh help! Going into 2nd year and don't more thing: quant job in a bank is not finance. do not get fooled into the crap that waterloo likes to shell out. get out now before its too late. not one person I know from waterloo is anywhere near the career he/she wants to have. 7 years 3 months
Ahh help! Going into 2nd year and don't know...hey pal I'm from Waterloo. You can get interviews in IB, but its like saying you can eat with your foot. Its doable, but not exactly the best way to go about it. Its not easy. I know people from accounting who had to bust their ass trying to get into IB - it took them at least 2 years after... 7 years 3 months
No SA positions want to get into IBD in Toronto.....have him forward your resume around. it could get you a few interviews. 7 years 3 months
The secret to making partner before 30sub-matriculation 7 years 3 months
Background Research Firm Being Unprofessional?call em "please direct the bakcground check in a professional manner, it is important that my past employers not be burdened unreasonably. Thank you for your understanding" 7 years 3 months
WAAC on a private company?private companies don't have WACCs - not because they don't have a base of capital (both debt and equity) but because their equity is not traded publicly. but, you can try to estimate what the company's WACC is going to be if it were publicly traded. this is done using comparables -> find other... 7 years 3 months
Why do Banking this year?no way i'd do it if it didn't lead to something much much better. 7 years 3 months